Shimer serves up steak for Gaffigan

Joel Shimer, a junior at EHS, met comedian Jim Gaffigan while working at the Brass Rail’s stand at the Allentown Fair on Sept. 6th.

While Shimer was working at the fair, he undoubtedly interacted with many customers. But on that particular afternoon, Shimer had a celebrity encounter– comedian and star of the newly aired sitcom, “The Jim Gaffigan Show” stopped by for a cheesesteak.

Shimer’s coworker noticed Gaffigan first, which prompted Shimer to ask to take a picture with the celebrity.

Shimer said Gaffigan responded with “‘I guess, if you give me a free cheesesteak!’”

“I couldn’t believe it! I had just watched his new show on TV Land a few nights before, and there he was. Sure enough, it was him,” said Shimer.

Gaffigan was in town performing at the 163rd annual Great Allentown Fair, filling in the slot originally slated for the headlining Meghan Trainor concert.

Gaffigan’s brand of humor includes jokes about his love of food. He even worked his lunch experience from the Brass Rail stand into his routine that evening, remarking on the delicious cheesesteak that he ate.

“He was such a cool guy,” Shimer said.

Gaffigan and the staff of the Brass Rail
Gaffigan and the staff of the Brass Rail. Photo courtesy of Joel Shimer
Gaffigan strikes a pose with Shimer and his co-worker
Gaffigan strikes a pose with Shimer and his co-worker. Photo courtesy of Joel Shimer

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