Senior Liz Carter dedicates time to her art throughout the day. Photo courtesy of Carter.

Humans of EHS: Liz Carter

Madison Mauro
March 9, 2020
Junior Belen Bridges celebrates her culture through the art of dance. Photo by Taylor Barkis.

Humans of EHS: Belen Bridges

Taylor Barkis
February 27, 2020
Senior Dylan Butz finds joy in skiing and teaching others to ski. Photo courtesy of Butz.

Humans of EHS: Dylan Butz

Sophia Clements
February 5, 2020
Junior Owen Hook's YouTube Channel, Owoshi, holds 7.89k subscribers. Photo by Heather Fabritze.

Humans of EHS: Owen Hook

Heather Fabritze
January 15, 2020
Humans of EHS: Rachel Knappenberger

Humans of EHS: Rachel Knappenberger

Victoria Rivera
January 13, 2020
Senior Stefania Schoen

Humans of EHS: Stefania Schoen

Greta Miller
January 10, 2020
Sophomore Olivia Pinocci-Wrightsman poses with presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg (right) and his husband, Chasten (left) at the Human Rights Campaign in Las Vegas on May 11.

Humans of EHS: Olivia Pinocci-Wrightsman

Sydnie Howard
January 7, 2020
Junior Andee Korpics poses with her self-portrait. Photo courtesy of Korpics.

Humans of EHS: Andee Korpics

Saraya Velez
January 2, 2020
Lisa Caruso wears a beekeeping suit to protect herself while monitoring her colony. Photo courtesy of Caruso.

Humans of EHS: Lisa Caruso

Rylee Dang
December 6, 2019
Abdul Alenezi expresses himself through clothing. Photo by Riley Stuckey.

Humans of EHS: Abdul Alenezi

Payton McGlory
December 5, 2019
Senior Martin Liu strives to spread positivity. Photo by Erick De La Rosa.

Humans of EHS: Martin Liu

Erick De La Rosa
December 3, 2019
Senior Dean Graham plays the guitar. Photo by Meliha Anthony.

Humans of EHS: Dean Graham

Heather Fabritze
November 18, 2019
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