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Exceptional staff member Lisa Stenroos steers success, serves smiles

Bus driver and cafeteria worker Lisa Stenroos stands proudly beside her bus outside the EHS loading dock on Feb. 7, 2024. Photo by Katerina Starry.

This was previously published in our February 2024 issue. 

Heroes are defined by the people they’ve affected and the good they’ve brought to their community. Many of them don’t even get recognition for the work they put into making this school a better place. Emmaus High School is fortunate to have a team of dedicated staff members who consistently exceed expectations. 

Among them, Lisa Stenroos stands out with her unwavering commitment. Not only does she serve as a bus driver, but she also takes on the role of a lunch lady. She has been in the East Penn School District since 2003 and driving school buses since 2011.

Outside of school, she embraces her role as a devoted parent. For a while, she was a stay-at-home mom until her youngest child entered 1st grade and she started looking for a part time job. Formerly a hairdresser, she wanted a schedule that allowed her to be there for her kids rather than working nights and weekends. 

“My girlfriend suggested working in the cafeteria because of the hours,” Stenroos said. “It would allow me to get my kids on the bus, go to work, and be home when they got home from school. [It] worked out perfectly. I started driving a school bus to make more money.”

Stenroos spoke about the school bus driver shortage, which has been a significant issue. Bus drivers have recently had to cover other runs because there is not enough help. It is the work of Stenroos and her coworkers that have allowed this school to run so smoothly. 

“If your bus driver is ever late to pick you up, it could be because they are helping out with another route,” Stenroos said. 

Balancing multiple jobs can be difficult. Changes in schedule like early dismissals and two-hour-delays can have an impact on the number of hours she can work. This can be an issue, so keeping lines of communication open is essential. Another thing that is really important in both jobs is being able to effectively communicate with adults and children, ensuring that their experience is enjoyable and secure. Her dedication has earned her the admiration and respect of both students and staff.

“I drop off kids at St. Thomas More Catholic School and drive right to the high school, park the bus and start work in the cafeteria.” Stenroos said. “When I’m done in the cafeteria, I get back on my bus and go pick up the kids and take them back home.” 

Stenroos is also an active member of the community and engages in volunteer work.

“I help every year with the Thanksgiving day dinner for the senior citizens,” Stenroos said. “Being a decent human being and enjoying life is what I strive for.”

Stenroos is among the many respected individuals in our community who tirelessly strive to improve EHS for both students and staff. Heroes like her have a deep influence on our community, yet their efforts often go unnoticed. It is crucial to acknowledge and value her commitment to her job, as she truly deserves it.

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