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Abdoul Aidara: Q&A

Abdoul Aidara cuts client’s hair at his in-house barbershop. Photo Courtesy of Aidara.

Ambitious, hard-working, and resilient – words used to describe 18-year-old entrepreneur, Abdoul Aidara. Aidara has managed to build his very own business from the ground up while maintaining his role as a high school student. His talent and determination have led him to success and painted him as a role model for other Emmaus High School students. Whether you are searching for someone to look up to or for a quick trim, Abdoul Aidara is the guy. 

Stinger: When did you begin cutting hair?

Aidara: I started cutting my own hair right before lockdown in February 2020. I had the worst widow’s peak so I was sick of my haircuts not lasting long and wanted to try all on my own. After, my cousin Aba asked to get a haircut because he liked the haircut.

Stinger: How and when did you start your business? 

Aidara: I started my business by giving my friends free haircuts at the end of 2022. I only had a barstool chair (with no back rest), a ring light, a clipper, and a trimmer when I started.

Stinger: What was difficult about kick starting your business? 

Aidara: The most difficult part was definitely finding people that would take the risk and come to me and also investing time to study what I could do better.

Stinger: What’s your favorite part about cutting hair?

Aidara: The new people I get to meet and build relationships with and important conversations I have with them. 

Stinger: How many clients would you say you average? 

Aidara: I average 15 people a week on a normal week, but in prom or holiday weeks it could double. 

Stinger: What inspired you to start your own business/start cutting hair?

Aidara: I was watching a barber video on youtube during lockdown and saw a video of a 12-year-old barber. He was going through all the things he was doing to become an at-home barber so young and I knew I could do all the things he was doing.

Stinger: What perspective has your business offered you? 

Aidara: I learned that anything you do for a hobby could make you money if you make a sacrifice.

Stinger: Has running a business had an impact on your life? 

Aidara: Having a business does definitely impact life in general. Ever since I started getting more people I had to keep up with scheduling important things beforehand.

Stinger: How much time and effort would you say has gone into growing your business? 

Aidara: I have taken as much time trying to grow my business than actually cutting hair. I used to ask everyone I knew to get a free haircut from me.

Stinger: What makes having a business\cutting hair rewarding? 

Aidara: Being a barber is one of the best jobs especially for a highschool student. You make your own schedule, you make much more money than having a [traditional] job, you get to talk to people or listen to music on the job, and you become known in your area.

Stinger: What advice do you have to others? 

Aidara: The advice I have is that the beginning is always the hardest part of starting a business and that posting your business on social media is the best way to grow and market it.

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