Trump supporters storm the Capitol in Washington D.C. Photo courtesy of Blink O'Fanaye via Flickr.

A day for the history books: Community members weigh in on Capitol riots

Meliha Anthony, Heather Fabritze, and Elizabeth Duerholz
January 14, 2021
Either you love them or you hate them: Two perspectives on holiday movies

Either you love them or you hate them: Two perspectives on holiday movies

Meliha Anthony and Heather Fabritze
January 5, 2021
The inside of the Palace of Gold is relatively dark, although chandeliers across the ceiling help illuminate it, and sunlight spills in through the elaborate stained glass windows. Photo by Meliha Anthony.

The Palace of Gold, WV: in photos

Meliha Anthony
December 12, 2020
Mickey Mouse has been an icon of childhood for generations of people. Photo by Meliha Anthony.

What Mickey Mouse means to EHS students

Meliha Anthony
November 18, 2020
Inaoka started doing origami in elementary school, when his grandparents would send him origami materials from Japan. Photo by Meliha Anthony.

Meet Hikari Inaoka: paper-folding philanthropist

Meliha Anthony
November 13, 2020
Students’ clay pottery pieces sit atop the kiln during the firing. Raku is a specific type of firing where pottery is removed from the hot kiln and left to cool in the open, outside air. Photo by Meliha Anthony.

Ceramics students’ annual Raku firing, Nov. 3

Meliha Anthony
November 3, 2020
Junior Meliha Anthony and sister, freshman Nadia Anthony, spent two years of their childhood in Syria.

My connection with the Middle East

Meliha Anthony
February 26, 2020
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