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Billy Maroun

Photo courtesy of Billy Maroun.

As high school comes to a conclusion, Billy Maroun looks forward to the future that awaits him at Lehigh University.

Stinger: How have you changed since freshman year?

Maroun: Well, I’ve met a lot more people and friends and done a lot of new things, so I’ve changed a lot like through the experiences high school has given me.

Stinger: What is your fondest memory from either high school or your childhood?

Maroun: Probably like recess with the boys.

Stinger: Did you have any mentors throughout high school, and if so, who?

Maroun: I wouldn’t say I’ve had a mentor but I’ve had a lot of good teachers who have taught me a lot.

Stinger: What clubs and/or sports were you involved in during high school?

Maroun: I’ve been in the music department for all four years including Chorale and the musical this year, and I’ve played lacrosse for three years.

Stinger: How has your experience with Chorale been?

Maroun: Really good, everyone is so talented and Ms. Cortez is one heck of a conductor.

Stinger: What will you miss most about high school?

Maroun: All my friends, that’s no doubt what I am going to miss the most. Walking around the halls and seeing a lot of people I know was definitely one of my fondest memories from high school.

Stinger: What are your plans after high school?

Maroun: I’m going to be attending Lehigh University. I haven’t figured out my major yet but it will most likely be something involving business, maybe supply chain management.

Stinger: What excites you most about college?

Maroun: Just meeting new people and living on my own. 

Stinger: What scares you most about college?

Maroun: Probably the difficulties with professors, like some professors won’t even be able to speak great English and that kind of worries me, like if they speak other languages.

Stinger: How has the virus affected your college search/admissions process?

Maroun: Really badly. I actually can’t find a roommate so I’m going to have to go random. But other than that, I’m lucky I had already decided on a college before the pandemic.

Stinger: Do you have any major plans for the summer or did you before the quarantine started?

Maroun: Yeah I was going to go to a camp or two, I was going to go to Lehigh’s acceptance days and meet a lot of people there but that’s not happening, and also I was going to work at the high school over the summer but they’re not doing that.

Stinger: How do you feel about going to a local college? Did you have any resentment towards it at first or was it never really a problem for you?

Maroun: Not at all. I like being around my family because if anything goes wrong I know they will be there to help me out.

Stinger: What animal would you be for a day and why?

Maroun: I don’t know probably a mountain lion… or maybe a cheetah since they’re super fast.

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Billy Maroun