Emmaus cancels annual Halloween Parade


COVID-19 affected Emmaus’ Halloween celebrations in various ways. Photo by Bethany Brown.

Johnson Yang

COVID-19 affected Emmaus’ Halloween celebrations in various ways. Photo by Bethany Brown.

With COVID-19 cases still on the rise, it’s no surprise that Emmaus cancelled its annual Halloween Parade. 

The Emmaus Halloween parade is an annual tradition that shares the aspects of a normal parade — people, costumes, free food, and entertainment. Combined with a 5K race and fundraisers for the Parade Committee and Parks and Recreation Commission, the parade has always been a popular event for residents of Emmaus. The cancellation of the event was a letdown for many. Students at Emmaus High School are also involved in the Halloween Parade through activities such as drumline. Senior Luke Wilson, a member of the drumline, is sad yet understanding of the cancellation of the event. 

Even though the parade was cancelled, there was an initial proposal to have a reverse parade through a drive in. 

“It was a good idea, but it would probably still get cancelled,” Wilson says. “People have to get together in order to organize large events like this.”

The drive-in idea also led to doubt about the Halloween experience and impact itself on the community. 

“Having it as a drive through would be like a reverse parade,” Wilson says. “It would work, but it wouldn’t be the same. Part of a parade is about seeing things go by.”

In the days leading up to the cancellation of the event, Wilson knew it was not going to run. 

“I pretty much knew it was going to get cancelled,” Wilson says. “We were told we were not going to participate if it was going on. It is a big part of drumline, and it’s something different from football games. As challenging as it was, it was disappointing that we could not do it this year.” 

The cancellation of the parade was unavoidable to the community. Both low participation and interest contributed to the Borough of Emmaus Parade Committee and Parks and Recreation Commission’s decision to cancel the event. 

Although circumstances prevented the parade from happening this year, Emmaus residents and parade participants are hopeful that it will be possible for the parade to go on as normal next year.