The Shelby: a start to a bright future


The Shelby offers a signature burger called The Shelby Burger. Photo by Max McGrath.

Maximus McGrath, Sports Editor

When looking to eat out, we all have our go-to restaurant.  In a food industry that is highly competitive, new restaurants have a rough start in the early stages of a new location that people are sometimes hesitant to try.

The Shelby, located in the Hamilton Crossings shopping area, is establishing itself as one of the most desirable restaurants in the area.  On any given night, there is a constant flow of people in and out of the restaurant.  Reservations are a hot commodity as well; it was not until the third night that I finally reserved a table!

The high demand for seating is no surprise when you finally get inside.  Decorated with a very modern style, The Shelby offers a visually appealing atmosphere that can be enjoyed while inside either their main dining room or the outdoor tent put in place to add additional seating for extra space due to COVID-19.

Especially still in the times of a global pandemic, The Shelby was one of the cleanest restaurants that I have ever been in.  There was not one thing left over from the people to last use our table, and even the floor was spotless.  This allowed me to enjoy my meal without the sticky feeling of most other restaurants.

The Shelby takes everything into account when organizing seating arrangements.  There are small tables for two, round tables for larger groups, booths that offer more privacy, and even a large, central bar.

Once seated, I was greeted by one of the outstanding members of The Shelby’s waiting staff.  Hospitality is something that is not overlooked by this restaurant, as they will do anything to make your experience pleasant and comfortable.

I was shocked when I received the menu as it had many more varieties of food than I expected.  There were classics and specialties that all sounded appetizing from Chicken Parm to The Shelby Burger.  Their drink selection kept up with the food menu, as there are both fundamental and adult drinks that will quench anyone’s thirst.  When going to The Shelby, there truly is something for everyone.

I decided to keep my order on the simpler side for my first meal here.  I started out with some water as I made my way down the menu.  I went with the Shelby Malanga Chip Nachos as an appetizer to split between two. This proved to be an amazing decision.  Not only were the nachos the perfect size to split as an appetizer, but they also delivered a powerful taste with every bite that left me struggling to save some room for my main entrée.  

The Shelby Burger seemed too good to pass up as my entrée with its two 4oz. local beef patties, American cheese, Shelby sauce, and topped with lettuce, tomato, pickles, and onions.  It also comes with a side of your choice between fries, tots, or a side salad.  The presentation of the dish had my mouth watering as it approached the table and the burger itself did not disappoint.  Each time I bit into both juicy patties the taste continued to grow more intense.  When I finished, I was left speechless and satisfied with every part of my meal.

The prices of the dishes may seem a bit on the expensive side, but the quality of the food holds up its end of the bargain.  The Shelby Burger was a steal in my opinion, as it comes with two patties and a side, all for the price of $13.95.  The Shelby Malanga Nachos were more expensive than I thought they should be.  While the size of the plate is decent for two, I did not get as many toppings with the chips as I hoped for with the price of $12.95.

In my first experience with The Shelby, I truly cannot say many negative things about it besides the fact that it was so good I could not even get a table the first few times I tried.  The food, service, decor, atmosphere, setup, and cleanliness exceeded my expectations.  I highly recommend calling The Shelby if you have a free night to go and try it yourself.  I would rate my night at The Shelby a 9/10.

As COVID-19 restrictions begin to lift, The Shelby will open up with more space, allowing everyone to enjoy everything the restaurant has to offer, and so you can begin to work your way through the menu to find your own new go-to for eating out.