David Heiser


Photo courtesy of Heiser.

Heather Fabritze, Former News Editor

David Heiser can best be described as a renaissance man — not only is he the 2021 Class Historian, he is the president of German Club, co-head of the Theater Department lighting crew, and is involved with ETV and Mock Trial. He consistently sets out to make a difference in EHS’ community, whether it be assisting to live-stream sports matches during the pandemic or editing a personal copy of the musical for the cast and crew. In his free time, he creates his own melodies on the guitar, bass, melodica, recorder, and keyboard.

Heiser plans to attend the University of North Carolina School of the Arts this fall for filmmaking.

Stinger: Why did you run for class historian?

Heiser: The true reason why I ran was because I wanted to make Emmaus High School a better place. I wasn’t entirely sure what was going on [with] fundraisers and stuff and I wanted to be involved, and I wanted to have a say in what the class officers were doing, especially with prom. So, I decided, “Hey, I have some good ideas,” and I decided to run for historian. Another good thing about historian is [that] I love filmmaking, and what historian does is they gather a slideshow of pictures throughout the year or throughout the years of high school [from] different events. Then, at the end of the senior year, they make a slideshow. So I figured that I was qualified for the job.

Stinger: What was your motivation for getting involved with so many activities?

Heiser: To me, life is [too] short to stick just to one thing. Some people may stick to track for their high school career and only do that. They have a lot [of] fun doing that. To me, I am someone who hates routine. Days in my life have to be different in order for me to function. This way, every day is a new experience I look forward to.

Stinger: What is your favorite ETV segment that you’ve done?

Heiser: That’s tough. I’m the one behind … two of the intros. One doesn’t get aired anymore because some of the members are gone. It’s the one where we’re either at Lockridge or the Rose Gardens. I was the one who curated and edited that. I think that’s probably one of my best works I’ve done that’s made it on air. Then I’m also responsible for the intro, along with Cole Stauffer, for the sunrise one where everything’s sped up, everybody’s waking up in the morning. I think that’s my favorite segment with everything I’ve done for ETV. In terms of packages, my favorite one would probably have to be — I did the Mr. Emmaus one last year.

Stinger: How have you changed since freshman year?

Heiser: I’ve matured a lot. Many people have considered myself mature for my age. I mean, I have a sense of humor but when things have to be taken seriously — I like to laugh along with things, but when it’s time to get down to business, I like to get things done. And now that I’m 18, legally an adult, I see things through a different perspective. I feel as though now [that] I’ve done most of the things I’ve wanted to do throughout high school … I feel a sense of completeness, essentially. And hopefully I haven’t peaked yet.

Stinger: Do you have any regrets from the past four years?

Heiser: In terms of high school, I used to have a really optimistic look on how the COVID situation was. I thought, “Okay, two weeks, nice.” And then slowly it turned into two more weeks, then a month, then it got canceled and here we are now — most of us are on Zoom online. I kept an optimistic outlook, which normally I am an optimistic person. I just wish I had prepared myself more for knowing that junior year would be my final year in school with everybody. I guess that would be my one regret, not preparing and being like, “This is the end.”

Stinger: What’s something about you that many people might not know?

Heiser: When I was younger, before I wanted to be like a director and writer, I wanted to be an actor. So, I was an extra on a few TV shows. I was on “Gotham,” like the second episode of the first season, and I was also an extra on “Law & Order SVU.”

Stinger: What’s your favorite memory from EHS?

Heiser: I have quite a few. Probably being on ETV every morning and just getting to spend first period with probably some of my favorite people I’ve met throughout high school. Every morning in the studio, it would be a different experience of a different memory every day. Like, the one day, I remember Mrs. Kuebler wasn’t there and we played the song “Replay” over the loudspeaker like three times. That was kind of our inside joke. So, just small inside jokes like that would probably be some of my favorite memories. Outside of ETV, probably being involved with the lighting crew. This past year, unfortunately, the musical got canceled. But just being involved, being on lighting board. Again, seeing some of my favorite people every day.

Stinger: What do you want to be remembered for?

Heiser: I would like to be remembered for my personality, my accomplishments, and just hopefully making Emmaus High School a better experience. Whether it be being on ETV, being involved with class historian, being involved with class officers. Or if I was just the funny person in somebody’s class … making somebody’s day maybe a little better.