Keegan Flanagan

Photo courtesy of Flanagan.

Photo courtesy of Flanagan.

Ari Bowman, Former Opinion Editor

For four years, Keegan Flanagan has entertained the students of Emmaus High School with his various antics and jokes. As he advances into the future, Keegan plans to move to Canada and attend either Xavier or Seneca University. 

Stinger: What are your plans for after high school?

Flanagan: That’s a toughie already. Hopefully I survive. I live off of candy and macaroni and cheese, so I think that’s a student sort of diet. But after that I don’t know if it’ll sustain a working man. I plan on saving up, travelling, doing some sort of job, perhaps maybe even a career. I don’t know, I try not to think about the future, it’s a startling thing.  

Stinger: What did you learn about yourself during the pandemic?

Flanagan: That I have a very strong immune system. I let so many people around me who were coughing and hacking and I thought, I’ll die here, they’ve got a virus, and I didn’t die once. Which is good. I also learned that I don’t go out much as it is, it turns out very little changed for me. 

Stinger: Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Flanagan: Ten years? Fully gray hair I think at that point, maybe 1000 wrinkles. I don’t know, wealthy, hopefully, maybe a gal pal or two. Hopefully not kids in ten years. No, ten years? I don’t know, maybe a little tyke, a little Keegan of my own. 

Stinger: How have you changed since freshman year?

Flanagan: Better skin, more hair, more hair on the face, less on the head I’d say. I used to have a terrible bowl cut, nobody ever told me how bad it was. I would look in the mirror and say “that’s a fine, fine head of hair,” and then one day at a barber shop they said “that’s not a fine head of hair, it’s a bad, bad one.” I said, you’re right. But an eye opening thing though, I would also say, I’ve gotten more sociable, better style, used to be just sweatpants and graphic tees, now I’ve got a whole button down, one to my name. Hopefully I’d like to think I’ve gotten smarter too. 

Stinger: What is your most embarrassing high school memory?

Flanagan: That’s a tough one. I do so much to embarrass myself that it’s hard to decide on one thing. There was one time, freshman year where I made a joke about Oscar Pistorius. The teacher didn’t like that very much. Apparently legless murderers are a sore topic for some people, getting yelled at about that one was pretty rough, but I don’t know if it was embarrassing because I thought it was funny. Let me think. I’m so hard to embarrass. I’ll be honest, we might need to put a pin in that one, I don’t know if I’ve ever been embarrassed in school. 

Stinger: What was your favorite class at Emmaus?

Flanagan: American Studies 1 and Latin were both very good. American Studies was the one where I made the Oscar Pistorius joke so that was a rough one, but I’d say that was probably the most fun I’ve ever had in a class though so I’d go with that.

Stinger: What sorts of clubs and activities were you involved in?

Flanagan: Well, you may be aware of this, but I am somehow president of the Latin Club, never ran for an election, I don’t know how the system works there, I think Stra just picked my name from a hat. But I also did track and field for a little over a year before I realized how little I cared for track and field, then of course the Foreign Cultures Club. I’ve learned so much about foreign cultures. I signed up for the Key Club and then I just never showed up, because I didn’t even know what it was, really someone just said sign up and I said okay. Then I was the vice president of the running club, the only year there was a running club, it was shut down right after because there were like four people in it. 

Stinger: Do you have any advice for underclassmen?

Flanagan: I don’t know if I’m much of a role model. Let me think. I’d tell them not to worry so much. You know, a lot of people think that high school is the end all be all, but there’s such a big world out there. There’s so much more than, at least, what I thought when I was a littlun, when I was a freshman. So I’d say, don’t take things so seriously. There’s so much out there. Something like that.

Stinger: Do you have any last comments? 

Flanagan: I think the Jeffrey Epstein thing has been talked about enough. I think, overall, that Emmaus, what a school, you know. I think that’d be it.