Eva Patt


Photo courtesy of Wesley Works.

Eleanor Creelman, Former Staff Writer

Eva Patt enjoys being involved in school activities such as tennis, track and field, and Future Business Leaders of America. She has also taken leadership roles serving as Vice President of the Class of 2021 and President of Health-Wellness-Fitness club. 

Patt will attend Penn State University in the fall and plans to pursue a business-related major. 

Stinger: How has being a class officer affected your high school experience?
Patt: Honestly, it’s been really fun, and I think it’s really interesting. I like to be involved in things, and I like to know the behind-the-scenes information. So, being an officer has helped me see the “behind the scenes,” and we get to be in charge of things when it comes to prom and some other class decisions. 

Stinger: How did this year change your school experience?

Patt: Nobody was expecting any of this to happen, and it took a really long time to get adjusted. But I think, you know, for most people it really influences the lack of motivation that everyone has for everything. As seniors, we were all really excited for prom and all those kinds of events coming up, and we do have prom scheduled for this year which is really exciting, but I think it’s definitely affected the way that people react. Not necessarily react, but the way that people look forward to things; I think there’s been, like, a cloud of disappointment over everyone. And being at home all the time sucks.

Stinger: Do you have any regrets?
Patt: I mean, I used to play volleyball in middle school, and freshman year I tried out and I did not make the team. I think I probably just regret giving it up as quickly as I did, because I love to play, and I wish I had just kept trying. But I’m thankful for where I’m at now. 

Stinger: If you could have traded places with a faculty member or other member of the staff for a day, who would it have been — and why?

Patt:  I would love to take any position of a teacher in the history hallway. I feel like whenever you walk to class they’re always standing outside their door having conversations with each other, and I would love to know what they talk about that’s so interesting before class. 

Stinger: What teacher impacted you the most?
Patt: Yeah, Mr. Richards probably did. He was such a great teacher, and even though I did not … know chemistry, he was such a great teacher and he was always super involved in our lives. He loved to hear about what we were doing and he just made the class fun, even though chemistry is not fun.