Alex Schaaf


Photo courtesy of Wesley Works.

Thomas Hartill, Former Editor in Chief

Alex Schaaf has always had an avid passion for meteorology. Whether in his free time or for school, Schaaf has often shared his passion for meteorology with the Emmaus community. At the school, he is a part of ETV, a member of Interact Club, treasurer of the National Parks Club, and president and founder of Meteorology Club.

After high school, Schaaf plans on attending Penn State University with a major in both meteorology and landscape design.

Stinger: How do you feel you have impacted Emmaus?

Schaaf: Well, I did start Meteorology Club, which definitely helped the Emmaus High School community in many ways. It just brings all the students with meteorological interests into one area.

Stinger: What’s the weather station on top of the school?

Schaaf: Well, the weather station has been up on top of the school now for going on two years. It provides us with accurate minute-by-minute data that anyone in the Emmaus community and even all around the country or the world can see. But I don’t think somebody in Cambodia is gonna look up the Emmaus weather station. 

Stinger: How have you changed since freshman year?

Schaaf: Well I’ve definitely become older and taller. I learned how to manage my time correctly, how to be productive, and just time management skills have definitely increased between sports, jobs, and school. It prepped me well for college.

Stinger: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Schaaf: In 10 years, I hope to either be a meteorologist with the National Weather Service and/or run my own landscape design company. And if that doesn’t work out, somewhere between Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates.

Stinger: When did you first find your passion for meteorology?

Schaaf: When I was very young, watching thunderstorms roll in on my back porch or watching newscasts when big snowstorms were projected. They just fascinated me. Especially the lightning during thunderstorms.

Stinger: What was your favorite high school memory? Why?

Schaaf: That’s a tough one. The first thing that came to mind was talking with friends before we closed down thinking that there’s gonna be a two week break. And here we still are a year later in the same spot.

Stinger: What won’t you miss about EHS?

Schaaf: The schedule. Like being at school from 7:00 to 2:00. I think I’m gonna like the college schedule of having a little more freedom.

Stinger: If you could change the mascot to any other living creature beside a hornet, what would it be?

Schaaf: Smokey the Bear. He’s a cool dude.

Stinger: Any last comments or advice for underclassmen?

Schaaf: Just get involved with clubs, and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Also, join Meteorology Club.