Halle Jennett


Photo courtesy of Wesley Works.

Belle Lees

Outside of the classroom, Class of 2021 Secretary Halle Jennett devoted much of her time to school sports and activities: running for winter track club and the track team, joining Tri-M Music Honor Society, becoming Vice President of the National Honor Society, and helping fellow students adjust to life at the high school as a Hornet Ambassador. 

Jennett will attend Messiah University to major in Applied Health Science with a concentration in Physical Therapy, as well as to continue her athletic career. 

Stinger: What was your favorite part of being involved in a sport in high school?

Jennett: My favorite part was definitely just the community that it brought, like the friends, and the teammates, and the coaches just all working together every day towards, like, a common goal. 

Stinger: What is your favorite high school memory?

Jennett: Oh goodness. My favorite high school memory [is] probably going to Track States my sophomore year [for the 4x100m relay]. 

Stinger: What was the hardest part of adjusting to online school? 

Jennett: Probably, I’m a really social person, so just, like, being at home by myself. And I like to, like, get to know my teachers and my classmates, and that’s, like, kind of hard when you’re online. 

Stinger: Did you pick up any new hobbies during quarantine? 

Jennett: I wouldn’t say it’s new, but I’ve played the flute since like fourth grade, and over quarantine I played it, like, a lot. 

Stinger: How do you think you’ve changed since freshman year?

Jennett: Since freshman year, I’d like to say I’m a lot, not less selfish, but, like, I like to try to put others before me more often and, like, think about what’s best for like everyone. And I feel like my leadership skills in general have improved, just through everything I’ve been involved in. 

Stinger: What do you want to be remembered for?

Jennett: Maybe just having a, like, a positive attitude even when things are, like, hard or challenging.

Stinger: Do you have any advice for underclassmen? 

Jennett: I guess just enjoy, like, every moment of high school because soon you’ll be leaving and it’s a little scary. So just enjoy every moment that you get.

Stinger: What are you looking forward to most when you go to college?

Jennett: I’m just excited to meet new people and just… yeah, meet new people, have new experiences, and pursue physical therapy, which I’m really excited about.