Sachi Price


Photo courtesy of Wesley Works.

Eleanor Creelman, Former Staff Writer

Ambitious and well-rounded, Sachi Price looks forward to a new start at West Virginia University. Price played for the school’s field hockey team, competed in track and field, was a part of the Outdoor Adventure Club, tutored other students, and was a member of the National Honor Society. 

Price will be attending WVU to study Neuroscience, and she hopes to be an anesthesiologist in the future. 

Stinger: What was your favorite high school memory? Why?

Price: There was just one track meet, it was at Whitehall my sophomore year. The weather was absolutely horrible. It was so cold. There was so much wind, and it was like, I’m pretty sure there might have been, light flurries of snow, light rain. I just remember that was literally my favorite meet ever because I was jumping, it was so cold, and everybody was doing so good, but it was an away meet. So we were all jumping and running in the freezing cold. I think I have like one more jump left for triple jump. I’ve already PR so much, and I’m pretty sure this was, I think I hit 31 [feet] or 30 [feet], my first time. I just remember it being like, I was so happy because the jumps were the last event left, and the rest of the team was just crowded around the little jumps pit and they were all just cheering everybody on. But it was nice to know that the team appreciates the jumps crew, you know?

Stinger: How do you feel you have impacted Emmaus?

Price: Personally? I’m one person and I don’t know, I don’t think I’ve impacted it too much, but I like to think that I’ve just made Emmaus better. Like a happier place. I don’t know because a big part of my experience in field hockey was that I wasn’t always happy being there, so it was very important for me to make track a happy place for me and other people. I like to think that I did that, and I’m doing that.

Stinger: Were you hybrid or remote — or a mix at some point? What’s been the toughest part about your senior year ? How about the easiest part?

Price: I’ve been online, I was hybrid at like the very start for like a week or two and then I just switched to online. I think the hardest part would be making connections, and connecting with your teachers, and the other students in the classes. I’d say the nice part is, even if you’re taking the same class, it’s more at your own pace online. So, if they gave you the notes ahead of time and I’m like, ‘Oh, if I want to work ahead I can,’ or if I want to, stay studying one topic like a little bit longer, I can do that.

Stinger: What was one class that you wish you had taken in high school? Why?

Price: I wish I took photography before this year. Because I’m taking it right now, and it’s, it’s fine, but I can’t really connect with the teacher over time. It’s not, it’s not fun. It’s not what I expected. And I can’t use the camera, it’s just all on my phone and I already know how to use my phone.

Stinger: What will you miss most about your time at Emmaus?

Price: My friends, easy. I was literally just thinking about this earlier.  I’m gonna definitely miss seeing what all my underclassmen friends accomplish. Like all my friends in my class I’m keeping in touch with most of them, so I won’t miss out too much on that. My upperclassmen friends I already stay in touch with the people that I was close to. But I’ll miss being there for my underclassmen friends and like being able to see what they do.