Madison Friend



Photo courtesy of Wesley Works.

Madison Mauro, Former Opinion Editor

With her high school career coming to a close, Madison Friend prepares for the next step in her academic journey at Temple University, where she will study film and media art.

Throughout the past four years, Friend was an involved student and artist at Emmaus High School. She is an integral member of the theatre department, serving as Vice President and has helped in many of the school’s productions throughout her four years at EHS. Friends’ passion for acting and singing, as well as the experiences she has had and friends she has made, were an important characteristic of her high school experience.

Stinger: What clubs are you involved in and why?

Friend: I’m in theatre and I’m an officer for Acabella. I’m also in select choir and I’m a Hornet Ambassador.

Stinger: How did your involvement in theatre affect your high school experience?

Friend: I did theatre in middle school and heavily enjoyed it. I went to a tiny catholic school with, like, 30 people in it so going to Emmaus I didn’t really know what to expect. I mostly did it to meet people and make friends. I ended up really enjoying it. That’s where I’ve met some of my best friends.

Stinger: What is your favorite part about being in theatre?

Friend: I like the sense of community, when we’re all doing production it’s so fun. It’s like hanging out with your friends the whole time. I love singing and acting, theatre is basically all of my favorite things wrapped into one. It’s hard work and during the shows seeing people in the crowd and hearing the cheering always feels like that hard work paid off. The applause is definitely a good feeling girl.

Stinger: What are you passionate about? 

Friend: I’m really passionate about film and making things, being creative. I’m a total right side of the brain. 

Stinger: Who is your biggest inspiration?

Friend: This is gonna sound so stupid, but my idol is John Mulaney. I know he’s a comedian but when I eventually get into film I wanna do similar projects to the comedy shows that John Mulaney is involved in. I just admire him so much. His stand-up [is] so funny. I would say his experience of writing for SNL is the coolest thing to me, it’s kind of like what I want to do. 

Stinger: Why are you majoring in film?

Friend: It’s really out there and you could 100% fail but I love theatre. Watching movies and thinking about things from different perspectives is so much fun. I’ll watch movies and think, “That script could’ve been written better” or “That show could’ve used this or that.” Consuming media is really interesting and I love watching things go from the beginning to end and learning from seeing. 

Stinger: What will you miss most about EHS?

Friend: I’ll miss the music and theatre department. It’s like my world at school.

Stinger: What do you hope to accomplish after high school?

Friend: After high school, well of course college is always important, but I’d say broadening my horizons. I know it’s cliche but I’m so excited to get out of here, learn new things, be in a new environment, and push myself to grow. I’m definitely excited to not be in my room, 24/7, all day, everyday.  

Stinger: What’s a song that describes your high school career? 

Friend: “Let It Happen” by Tame Impala because sometimes in the past few years I just needed to sit back and let everything play out the way it’s supposed to. Everything always always ended up working out in the end. Plus, the song is like eight minutes long which is very extra like me. 

Stinger: What advice would you give to your past self?

Friend: I would say probably keep trying, push yourself. I came to Emmaus with, like, no friends. I knew almost no one coming in freshman year. So, definitely push yourself and get out there. Don’t be afraid to try new things.