Gabe Trexler


Photo courtesy of Wesley Works.

Eleanor Creelman, Former Staff Writer

Gabe Trexler looks forward to exploring new academic and athletic opportunities at Geneva College. Trexler has played for the Emmaus’ football team, serving as captain during his senior season, competed in track and field, and was involved in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. 

He has committed to continue both his football and track and field careers in college on a Division III level, and plans to major in civil engineering.

Stinger: When did you start playing/being involved in track and football?

Trexler: I actually only started track sophomore year. Football though, I’ve been playing since first grade, I believe. I’ve been playing that ever since, and I still will for the next four years. 

Stinger: What is your favorite professional football team?

Trexler: Las Vegas Raiders. I grew up watching them, and my dad likes them. So, you know, it’s a little different; instead of being like a fan of a local team, I sort of, like, started watching them, learning more about their team and everything. I really like the Raiders and everything, so I became a fan.

Stinger: What was your favorite high school memory? Why?

Trexler: My freshman year when we beat Parkland for the first time. It was the first time that in freshman football, Emmaus beat Parkland, in a decade or something. We won by like two points and it was only by the very last play that we stopped them. And it was just [a] great, great environment. The energy we had after that, that was great.

Stinger: What teacher impacted you the most?

Trexler: Honestly, Mr Gallagher. I had him my junior year, and he was a great teacher. He was so nice to everyone and he knew how to make class fun and really incorporate us in his teaching. I thought he had a big impact.

Stinger: What’s a song that describes your high school career?

Trexler: Probably some sort of 80s song.