Sarah Downey


Photo courtesy of Downey.

Adithi Katikhaneni, Former Arts & Culture Editor

With a distinctive passion for arts and humanities, Sarah Downey has been involved in numerous activities at EHS such as Bella Voce, Chorale, and the Drama Department. Her appreciation for  literature and writing has been a part of her identity from a young age, and she intends to continue to write and pursue a career in the field in the future. 

Downey will be attending Bucknell University this fall. Although she is entering undecided, she plans to follow her passions for English and History once she explores the programs and opportunities available.

Stinger: What draws you to the humanities? 

Downey: I’ve always loved to write. I’ve always been writing short stories, and around late elementary school I really got into writing. In middle school I joined theater, and then I really got into playwriting and performance based writing. In high school I’ve done a couple of projects where I wrote two one-act plays for drama class and creative writing. I got to perform both of those in  the drama department. I love the whole process of coming up with an idea, fleshing it out, and then working through it until the end–all the little details that go into it. 

Stinger: What would you say to somebody who’s just starting to write? 

Downey: I would say, don’t get stuck in your head. Just keep going and let [the piece] evolve, because that’s part of the process. 

Stinger: What’s your favorite piece that you have created? 

Downey: Well, my favorite thing that I haven’t made yet, is right now I have an idea for a short skit between competing paper boys. [They are] on a street corner but set on stage, where they they’re building [as they talk], like one gets a milk crate to stand on top of, and the idea is that their lines would be layered to create a cadence as they’re yelling like “Extra, Extra, Read all about it!” and it would become a song.

Stinger: Where do your ideas come from? 

Downey: Everything. Conversations, reading books, watching movies. When I drive, I’m a terrible driver because I look out the window and I just imagine scenes occurring everywhere I drive by.

Stinger: What are your greatest inspirations?

Downey: I love Shakespeare, a lot. [Also] Greta Gerwig in Little Women. I love the way that in that movie she layers language. There’s a cadence in the way that people talk and the way that they listen to each other or don’t listen to each other. I think her observational skills are incredible, and you can see that in her movies.

Stinger: What other clubs and activities have you participated in? 

Downey: [I’ve been in] Mock Trial, I was a member of Collage Magazine, Drama club, and then I dedicate most of my time to my job, I used to work at 29 Cooks, and now I work at a La Dolce Vita Italian Bakery. I was also in Concert Choir my first year, then I was in Bella Voce for two years, and now I’m in Chorale.

Stinger: What draws you to singing? 

Downey: I’ve always loved to sing. I say a lot, “Do what makes your heart sing,” and I think singing makes my heart sing. I think singing truly is the expression of a happy heart. It’s a relaxing and fun way to spend my time. 

Stinger:  What are you most looking forward to about college? 

Downey: A bunch of things, like going to basketball games. I’m really excited just to join a new community and meet a bunch of new people, and go exploring and be independent. I’m also excited to look at [the campus]. I haven’t truly explored Bucknell so I don’t know what all the opportunities are there. I’m excited to test everything out again, like look for their theaters and everything.