Patrick Walsh


Photo courtesy of Walsh.

Jacob Welsko, Former Culture Editor

As the high school chapter comes to an end, Patrick Walsh looks ahead to a bright future of playing soccer and studying business and finance at Bloomsburg University.

Throughout his four years at EHS, Walsh accomplished many things including joining the National Honors Society and helping his team reach the soccer semi-finals in states. 

Stinger: What are your plans after high school?

Walsh: I’ll go to play soccer at Bloomsburg University [and] study business and finance most likely. Those are my current plans as of right now.

Stinger: What did you learn about yourself during the pandemic?

Walsh: I learned that I can’t sit still; I’d find other things to occupy my time. During the pandemic, I found a passion for working out and bettering myself. I found new ways to improve myself when there were very limited things to do. I just started working on myself, [and] focused on improving myself mentally [and] physically. 

Stinger: Did you have any mentors in high school? If so, who? How did they offer you guidance?

Walsh: My parents are pretty big mentors. They’re huge motivators […] they just keep pushing me to progress. [Also] all my friends that would support me along the sidelines at games. 

Stinger: Were you hybrid or remote this past year? How did that change your senior year and change your outlook on school in general, if it did?

Walsh: I was at home. I like to be in person […] I like to see everything in person [and have] interactions with my peers and my teachers so that’s been different. But I guess it’s been a good opportunity to learn how to interact with others when that interaction in person isn’t possible. It provided a new way of learning for me that I guess will be useful in the future if the pandemic continues. 

Stinger: How did you learn to balance school with playing soccer in high school? 

Walsh: School would always come first; I would always have to get my work done. I would complete all of my true assignments and stuff before I would attend practice. Then I’d go to practice or a game, and I’d go home and study for the test or whatever the next day. Kind of just trial and error, figuring out what worked and what didn’t for best managing my time. There would be times when I had to even be reviewing on the bus to games and stuff. I just did school work whenever I could possibly fit it in. But school work would always come before soccer, even though soccer’s a big part of my life. 

Stinger: What would you say your biggest accomplishment was in high school?

Walsh: A big accomplishment was being in NHS. I would say that’s a big academic accomplishment. A soccer accomplishment is that we made it to the semi-finals in states which was a big accomplishment; we haven’t done it in like 20 years or something.

Stinger: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Walsh: I see myself graduated from college, working, and hopefully, possibly attempting to go for my master’s degree depending on the job I take. Possibly coaching the younger kids for fun. Obviously working, being successful. 

Stinger: Who’s your inspiration?

Walsh: I would say that my dad is my inspiration. He shows me not to give up when times are tough, pushes me to be a better person, leads by example, [and he] just shows me overall how to be a very good person. 

Stinger: What is your favorite high school memory?

Walsh: [There’s] a lot of good memories [but] I’ll say the bus rides with my soccer teammates were some pretty good high school memories.

Stinger: What teacher(s) impacted you the most?

Walsh: Mr. O’Connor, he was my favorite teacher. I had him this year online actually. I wish I had him in person. He was super engaging–an overall awesome guy [who] made class fun. He kept us in line but was also lenient when needed to be. He is just an overall funny guy and he was just a good guy to talk to. I just enjoyed talking to him. 

Stinger: What are you most excited for in college?

Walsh: I’m most excited for soccer there. I’m excited to hopefully come in there and make an impact early on. Also, [I am excited] to find out exactly what I want to do for a career. 

Stinger: What will you miss most about high school?

Walsh: All the friendships I’ve made through school and soccer is probably what I’ll miss most. 

Stinger: Any advice for upcoming seniors?

Walsh: My advice would be that through all the tough times, always push through, don’t give up. Make sure you set goals and do all you can to achieve those goals and try to carry a positive attitude with you through everything, [because] with a positive attitude will come a good mindset. 

Stinger: What do you want your peers to remember you for as you leave high school?

Walsh: I want my peers to remember me as hopefully someone who’s there for them if they ever need me, someone they could talk to, [and] a hard working person. Just someone they can rely on if they need it.