Vanessa Anders


Photo courtesy of Wesley Works.

Sydnie Howard, Former Deputy Features Editor

Senior Vanessa Anders closes out her successful four years at Emmaus despite the challenges and hurdles the pandemic has placed in front of her.

Passionate about film and media arts production, Anders will continue her academic journey at Millersville University. Despite spending her senior year in a pandemic, she manages to strike a balance between her sports and studies. 

Stinger: What are your feelings about how your senior year turned out?

Anders: Like most of my classmates, I am disappointed with not having a normal senior year. However, I won’t say I’m fully disappointed with it either. I’ve made friends through online school that I had never seen before, mostly because of how large our graduating class is.

Stinger: How have you changed since freshman year?

Anders: I like to think that I’ve become more outgoing and expressive since freshman year. I’ve become more politically active and have learned to express myself in a positive way.

Stinger: How did being a student-athlete throughout high school affect you?

Anders: It made me work hard to balance work, school, softball, and my social life. It wasn’t always easy; there were times where I struggled to balance everything and where I thought I would fail. I pushed myself to be better through my athletics and academics.

Stinger: What do you hope to accomplish after high school?

Anders: I hope to work on a popular and fun television show or movie as an editor, producer, or director after receiving my degree.

Stinger: Describe your high school experience in three words.

Anders: Pretty freaking crazy.

Stinger: What college will you attend and what will you study? Will you pursue softball?

Anders: I will be attending Millersville University to study Media Arts Production. I do not currently plan on pursuing softball.

Stinger: What advice would you give to underclassmen, or those trying out for softball at EHS?

Anders: For underclassmen, just ride high school out, these past few years have been crazy and have shown us to take nothing for granted. Just live in the moment and don’t panic about the future. For anyone trying out for softball, do it for yourself and only for yourself. Try out and play for your own enjoyment, and play to your strengths. 

Stinger: Any last words/comments?

Anders: From the school flooding to remote learning due to a pandemic, my high school experience was definitely one for the books. If this is high school, I can’t wait to see what college is like.