Aidan Springs


Photo courtesy of Wesley Works.

Ari Bowman, Former Opinion Editor

After proving himself as an all-around student by participating in a variety of different clubs and activities, Aidan Springs is ready to head on to the next chapter of his life, bringing his charismatic personality with him. He plans to study international relations at American University in the fall. 

Stinger: What did you learn about yourself during the pandemic?

Springs: That’s a good question. This is going to be published so I should probably say something good. Because if I were to be completely honest, I’d say I have a terrible work ethic and I need a proper sleep schedule, but I guess I’d say that… I learned that I value time with friends and that I’m definitely a social person. So, it’s been nice to gradually be able to see people again.

Stinger: What was your favorite class at Emmaus, and who were your favorite teachers?

Springs: Probably Quest for the Distant Past with Mr. Flynn freshman year. Favorite teachers though… got a lot. Probably Reaman, Grabfelder, and Miss Furry.

Stinger: So your time on The Stinger— how would you reflect on that?

Springs: The Stinger was awesome, it’s such a unique group of people. It’s kind of random, because no one comes, well, most people don’t come out of middle school thinking “I’m going to write for a newspaper.” So people generally just sort of end up here under strange circumstances and it’s a fun, diverse group of people, and I really enjoyed it.

Stinger: Were you hybrid or remote? What did you miss about the way school has changed?

Springs: I was actually both, but I guess at the end of the day remote was a lot easier. But, being remote, you know, you didn’t get to see people. Being hybrid is nice but it’s unfortunate when you have a test on a day that you’re in school and you can’t, you know, use some alternative references as you would at home. So that’s unfortunate, but overall I think it was…well, none of this is ideal, but it was certainly unique and gave me some perspective on how I’m sure the workplace will be changing as I head into that area, sure there will be a lot more online stuff rather than in person. 

Stinger: So, what are you most excited about as you leave high school?

Springs: Um… I don’t know. You know, I’m thinking about this right now and I remember reading Luke Maake’s [senior interview]… His was so funny, I’m just not being very funny right now. I really need to make something up. Oh God, what am I most excited for after high school. I can’t say college because I’m not. I don’t know, I guess moving out. It’s going to be interesting, I mean obviously it’s sad to leave behind your childhood but the past year and a half has been so [bad]. I guess, if there was ever an upside, it’d be that freshman year of college may be marginally better because of how bad the past few years have been, so yeah.

Stinger: How have you changed since freshman year?

Springs: A lot of things just went through my head but I can’t say any of them so… I haven’t changed that much, I’d like to think. I’ve matured a bit. I still talk a lot, but I don’t talk as much. I’ve learned a lot. I’d say I’m smarter with my decisions. I still make poor decisions but I make them at better times. 

Stinger: If you had any advice for your freshman self, what would it be?

Springs: Um… try harder, I guess. I mean, you know, being an underachiever is nice because you get a lot of free time, but I don’t feel like I use it very wisely so I’d say try harder. But, also don’t. Don’t miss out on opportunities to make memories. This is what I mean, Luke Maake would never said that, he’d say something like, about taking over the world or something. But yeah, just try harder, I guess is what I would say.

Stinger: Other than The Stinger, what sorts of activities did you participate in? 

Springs: Do you really want to know all of them? Ok, well, I have a list somewhere, but I’m just going to try and remember all of them. Okay, so I was in the snowsports club, I was the president of that for 2 years, I was a mock trial lawyer for three years. Debate team, peer tutor club I was a coordinator for. Model UN I participated all four years… there’s more I’m forgetting. Obviously The Stinger, oh, and Academic Team/Scholastic Scrimmage. Kind of the same thing but sort of different. I’m probably forgetting something. But that’s what I can remember off the top of my head.

Stinger: So out of all those activities, which was your favorite? Not that you should be influenced by what this interview is for.

Springs: I think it would probably either be The Stinger or Model UN, The Stinger more likely because I have a bias towards Model UN because that’s what I’m like, inherently interested in. But yeah, definitely The Stinger. The trips and stuff and I don’t know, just hanging around everybody, and Ms. Reaman’s obviously great, but The Stinger [probably has] the most activity-related memories from high school.