Students’ thoughts on ETV


Graphic courtesy of Canva.

JJ Eudja, Contributor

ETV, the student-produced heart and soul broadcast where the Emmaus High School community listens to announcements and watches their favorite friends on the news, will now move to a once-a-week production.

In its current format, however, students have mixed reactions about its format. In a survey of 190 students, the results show the following: around 80 students said they like watching ETV, 28 people reported that they do not like watching ETV, and about 82 people said they just don’t really care about ETV at all. With the data collected, roughly 42% of the students actually enjoy ETV whilst 43% of students don’t care about ETV at all. 

Sophomore Colin O’Reilly believes there is some room for improvement.

“Sometimes I think the ETV is a bit bland,” O’Reilly said. “There’s not much expression when some people talk, and it’s pretty clear that some of them are just reading from a script.”

“I think if some of the people mixed it up a bit and maybe wore something funny or even just said a joke it would be a lot more entertaining,” he said.

Senior Ryan Archer would prefer to watch the announcements rather than having his teacher read them to him.

I like having the announcements rather than having my teachers read them to me,” Archer said. 

O’Reilly also said he would like to see new and different topics talked about in the future.

“I would love to see them talk more about stuff going on in the world, like up-and-coming movies, sports events, or even just random news,” O’Reilly said. “I think it would make it more entertaining seeing people talk about what’s going on in the world and not just what’s going on at their school.”

Learning lab teacher Kristina Schware says that she actually enjoys watching the announcements and finds it very entertaining.

“I think it’s informative,”  Schware said. “It is very fun and entertaining.” 

Sophomore John Hugh says he enjoys ETV as it makes his advisory class more fun.

“I would say it is informative and entertaining,” Hugh said. “It really does make advisory less boring.”

Hugh’s has his preferred segments:“The sports and the current event are my favorites.”

While the majority of the Emmaus community enjoys the broadcast, ETV is dedicated to making changes and constructive criticism to help make their broadcast more suitable and informative to Emmaus students. The show will broadcast on Fridays during advisory rather than its current twice-a-week programming.