Newest eats in Emmaus give students more options


A 10-piece chicken McNugget meal with french fries and a drink from McDonald’s only costs $4.99. Photo by Keira Davies.

Keira Davies, Staff Writer

This previously ran in our October 2021 print issue.

Food is the way to anyone’s heart, and Emmaus is reaching the hearts — and stomachs — of more high school students than ever as new restaurants such as Wawa and Burger King gain ground. 

In 2020, the construction of a new Wawa started on South Cedar Crest Boulevard, and finally, on April 8th, the home of Hoagiefest, coffee, and smoothies officially opened its doors. Quickly, the 24-hour convenience store became a new place for Emmaus students to get their morning coffee or an after-school snack. Less than a block away, Burger King is preparing to welcome its first patrons to its newest fast food haven. 

With the recently remodeled McDonalds, the intersection of Chestnut Street and Cedar Crest is becoming a hotspot for students. As people drive around Emmaus, the little corner that once was pretty bland is now overflowing with students. 

Tino Bermudez, an Emmaus High School sophomore, welcomes the idea of more retail options.

“I am really glad that more restaurants are opening,” Bermudez said. “It gives more opportunity for people to go out again and have fun.” 

McDonald’s has been around for many years, but last year they took steps to remodel the restaurant to make it more welcoming to the community. 

So with the new options, The Stinger asked students about their favorite restaurant out the options of Burger King, Wawa, or McDonald’s. Most students chose Wawa as their top pick. (Look at the poll for more information). 

Caroline Shutts, an Emmaus High School sophomore said, “Wawa is my favorite because of the variety, and it’s closer to Emmaus High School [than other restaurants].” 

Some students said they feel safer walking to Wawa rather than to Burger King due to the traffic they face crossing Chestnut Street in order to get a Whopper.

“I don’t want to get hit by a car,” sophomore Millie Thompson said.

 Stinger staff members went to McDonald’s, Wawa, and Burger King with a $5 budget — an average teen budget for lunch — to see what an Abe Lincoln could get. We were pretty impressed when we saw all the things that we could get for only five bucks. 

Here’s the take:

At McDonald’s, we were able to get a 10-piece chicken nugget meal, which included French fries and a medium drink. The meal was sub-par and worth the $4.99.

Wawa, the 24-hour convenience store, has an assortment of items. When it came down to the decision of what to get, we picked a classic Oreo cookies and cream milkshake. The shake surpassed our expectations, certainly making the trip worth our money.

The castle of burgers did not let us down. For only five dollars at Burger King, we were able to get a meaty and juicy Chiking sandwich. As a connoisseur of fried chicken, it was a delectable sandwich.