Furry Features: Lila


Photo courtesy of Quinn Colognato.

Kipper and Amber, Furry Feature Editors

Name: Lila

Age: 2 years old

Owner: Quinn Colognato (11th grade)

Breed: Golden Retriever and Bernese Mountain Dog mix

Favorite Activities: Napping, snuggling, playing with toys, running at the dog park, and taking up all the space on Quinn’s bed when she’s trying to sleep

Fun Facts: Her middle name is Ray because Quinn wanted to name her crayon when the family first got her. She also loves to sleep on her back with her front paws above her folded, making her look like she has T-Rex arms (which she calls her “Dino arms”). She loves cucumbers and baby bells. She is also a gentle giant and wouldn’t hurt a fly (literally). She once saw a beetle and licked it into her mouth, carried it to another spot, and got it out of her mouth, just to lay down and stare at it

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