Winter is coming: Students reflect on fun snow day activities


Graphic courtesy of Canva.

Vivian Kirkpatrick, Contributor

Winter is soon approaching Pennsylvania as residents and weather predictions have officially suggested that winter may be coming harder and faster than years prior. 

Pennsylvania should be expecting the first waves of cold air this month. Some parts are predicted to see around 50 inches of snow, which is almost two feet more than average. Aside from the snow, temperatures are expected to be up to three degrees colder than average. Time to bust out the thick winter coats!

All this snow will certainly have an effect on Emmaus High School students between snow days and everyday winter activities. 

Hailey Rumpf, an Emmaus High School sophomore, works in the snow industry as an instructor at Bear Creek Mountain. She expressed a lot of anticipation about the predicted level of snowfall. 

“I am really excited because winter is my favorite season of the year, and I get to work at Bear Creek,” she continued, “I hope we have a lot of snow days because it is more opportunity for me to work, make money, and board.”

Simon Isaksson, a skier at Emmaus, also gave his thoughts on the big snowfall headed our way.

“I prefer cold over hot weather because warm weather is uncomfortable,” Isaksson said. He also stated that aside from skiing he enjoys snowball fights and sledding.

But not everyone is looking forward to winter for skiing or snowboarding. Teague Mccourt, also an Emmaus High School student, opened up about his winter opinions.

“I am excited for winter,” McCourt said. “That is my basketball season.” Teague also explained that he hopes we have snow days even if that means tacking on a few extra days to the end of the year. 

Between skiing, snowboarding, and winter practices the students of Emmaus High School seem excited and ready for the big snow!