Furry Features: Montague Finn Yanes (Finn)


Finn posing with a chew stick. Photo courtesy of Maeve Yanes.

Kipper and Amber, Furry Feature Editors

Name: Montague Finn Yanes (Finn)

Age: Three years old

Owner: Maeve Yanes (11th grade)

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Favorite Activities: Finn’s favorite activities include barking at people passing by the front window, hiding under his favorite chair in the living room, singing his favorite songs, visiting Maeve in Macungie, and traveling to Tamaqua to visit his grandparents, Judy and Dick.

Fun Facts: He goes by Finn, even though that is his middle name. Maeve’s dad picked Finn’s first name, Montague, because he thought it would be hilarious to name a dog after the very well-known Shakespeare name. Maeve named Finn after the actor, Finn Wolfhard. She thought it would be funny to name a dog after someone who has “wolf” in their name. Finn shares the initials, MFY, with Maeve and her dad. Finn’s favorite toys aren’t the normal dog toy. He prefers to play with cleaned-out, plastic soda bottles, which give his whole family a headache due to the noise. He loves carrots, green beans, and apples.

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