EHS students give the scoop on Christmas treats

JJ Eudja, Contributor

For many, Christmas is the most festive time of the year where people get to spend time with family and friends, open presents around the Christmas tree, and of course eat lots of food. 

According to a 2019 survey conducted by the New York Post, around 64% of Americans choose desserts as a top reason to anticipate the holidays. So what do they prefer? Around 42% of Americans prefer sugar cookies, while 32% prefer carrot cake, 26% prefer pumpkin pie and 17% prefer Kringle on Christmas. According to, peppermint bark was rated number 1 as America’s favorite Christmas candy ranking among the likes of Reese’s Peanut Butter cups and Reindeer Corn. 

Junior Liam Schmidt likes to munch down on some nice homemade sugar cookies as well as gingerbread cookies during Christmas. 

“I like sugar cookies and gingerbread,” Schmidt says, “because it’s like the Christmas spirit … as well as apple pie. That’s pretty good, too.”

 Junior Kaitlyn Smoyer prefers the simple but delicious chocolate chip cookies out of all the endless options. 

“I like plain chocolate chip cookies because they’re not fancy, but they’re iconic as well,” Smoyer said. 

Sophomore Colin O’Reilly prefers gingerbread cookies from the store instead of baking from home due to himself having some bad luck baking from home. 

“My favorite treat during Christmas time is gingerbread cookies,” O’Reilly said. “We usually get them from the store because they’re really good and I’m also a bad baker.” “The last time I tried making them myself I messed up.” “However, my mom does make them every year and they are always so good.”

Schmidt also prefers Christmas desserts over thanksgiving desserts because of the holiday spirit and more sugar as well. 

“I prefer Christmas dessert because it’s more sugary and it feels like you’re immersed in the holiday spirit,” He said.

Senior Anthony Ferrera prefers Thanksgiving desserts because thanksgiving is known for food while Christmas is known for presents.

“Thanksgiving dessert because Christmas is known for presents and not the food,” Ferrera said. “While thanksgiving is mainly known for the food.”

O’Reilly also prefers Thanksgiving desserts because he loves pumpkin pie over any other Christmas treats. 

“Even though I love gingerbread cookies and all the other treats that are served during Christmas, I still prefer pumpkin pie over all of them,” O’Reilly said.