Now Huy talkin’


Photo by Huy Huynh.

Huy Huynh, Multimedia Editor

On Jan. 5 my life at Emmaus High School changed forever. No, I didn’t get a 99 on my economics test. No, I didn’t find a 50-dollar bill in the hall. It was more than seeing Branch in all four blocks.

It was, in fact, the day the cafeteria served, perhaps, its most revolutionary entree: a cheesy buffalo chicken flatbread.

Hands down, this is not your typical cafeteria food. I had to stare at its beauty before I even gave it the first taste. If you missed out, my apologies. From the first bite, chicken buffalo goodness explodes from the soft glutinous pita bread. With its thin crust and pillowy middle, the dough is something you would expect from a local restaurant down the street. It’s crispy meets fluffy. 

And the amount of chicken? It’s a chicken lover’s dream accompanied by delicious buffalo sauce. For a person with a low spice tolerance, it might be ideal to consume it with rice or salad to offset the digestion process. 

But by far, I can call the cheesy buffalo chicken flatbread the best lunch that I have had in public school. Best bang for your buck – even if lunch is free.