Humans of EHS: Anthony Posy (NoCapAP)


Photo courtesy of Posy.

Emma Dela Cruz, Social Media Editor

This previously ran in our February 2022 print issue.

If you were to give freshman Anthony Posy one free day to himself, free of school, homework, and life’s other responsibilities, which prove to be adverse and difficult at times, there is one thing he would do.

“I would hit the studio.”

Music defines Posy’s life. At the age of eight, he discovered his love for rap music. Heavily inspired by artists such as G. Herbo, among many others, he began experimenting with his own music, writing up meaningful lyrics that resonated with his home life. Posy attributes his passion for music, along with the subject matter of his songs, to his youth in the foster care system.

“I just grew up off that,” Posy said. “It’s my passion.”

Now 14, Posy actually records his music, a hobby started about half a year ago. He uses Serenity Records Studios in Allentown as his creative medium, paying $50 per hour to produce his beats. He also works a local fast-food job to support his time spent at the studio.

“I work at McDonald’s in Macungie,” Posy said. “The only reason I do it is to pay for that [the recording studio].”

Posy’s siblings serve as one of his biggest motivators for pursuing music. With seven sisters and a foster brother, he is the oldest of them all, handing him the “big brother” title and, when he is able to visit them, its associated responsibilities.

“I don’t really get to spend so much time with them because I’m in foster care and they’re with their parents,” Posy said. 

Despite this, he says his siblings still “play a big part” in his life. Posy wants to use his success in music to provide for them in the future, hence the rapping commitment he displays currently.

“A lot of them are younger-younger,” Posy said. “So when they really need an older brother figure, that’s when I’ll be there for them.” 

In 10 years, the young artist imagines himself to be prominent in both the rap community and in his siblings’ lives.

“I’ll be rich and successful,” Posy said. “I would be in my own place, a place that I bought or whatever. I’d have my sisters by my side.”

But for now, Posy reports that he enjoys his time in school and continues to release his music.

“Yeah … I can actually focus when I’m not worried about where I’m gonna sleep or eat,” Posy said. “Whenever I have the chance, I come to school.”

  Posy uses the moniker “NoCapAP” on multiple platforms, including Apple Music, SoundCloud, and Spotify, to share his music. The final two letters of his moniker represent his initials. He released his first single, “Haitian 6lood,” in June, and has since offered a variety of original music and collaborations with other artists.

With big dreams and even bigger passions, Posy leaves his peers with one piece of advice.

“Don’t cry about things, because hard times aren’t forever,” Posy closed. “We all went through our own times.”