Senior Issue: Payton McGlory


Photo courtesy of Wesley Works.

Maeve Yanes, Features Editor

his previously ran in our 2022 June Senior Issue.

Payton McGlory took on the stage as one of the leads in Emmaus’ production of The Addams Family and is now taking on the world that lies outside the walls of Emmaus.

During her time at Emmaus, McGlory was an outstanding performer, talented singer, and an all-star athlete on the tennis court. She was a very involved student at the school. McGlory was the captain of the varsity tennis team, secretary of Acca Bella, and a member of the PALS club, Health Wellness/Fitness Club, Habitat for Humanity, Tri-M Music Honor Society, and National Honor Society. She also held the position of vice president in Chorale, FBLA, and Model UN.

McGlory plans to attend Syracuse University in New York to major in marketing. 

Stinger: What is one non-educational thing you have learned during your time at Emmaus? 

McGlory: I think I’ve learned how to overcome adversity, and really, like work with the people around me to like, get through anything. COVID was a big setback and for a lot of people, and I just think I learned to work with everybody else around me and surround myself with good people to get through the difficult times. 

Stinger: What is one thing you have learned through Emmaus’ theater department? 

McGlory: I think I’ve learned to just take risks…I wasn’t planning on doing the musical at all. And then I just decided, “why not?” I have free time. I might as well and it turned out to be like one of the most fun experiences of my high school career. 

Stinger: How do you feel your high school experience could have been different without the impact of COVID? 

McGlory: I definitely think it would have gone differently but I’m like really happy with the way senior year went and I don’t think I would change it for anything. I met so many great people and even if it would have been different or you know, more fun having a junior year in person like senior year went perfectly for me and I wouldn’t have traded it for anything. 

Stinger: Who was your favorite teacher? 

McGlory: Ms. Cortez, even though she like retired and she still has like, had an impact on my life and coming in freshman year Bella Voce and like, I don’t know, it just seems like such a step up from middle school and she kind of like whipped me into shape almost. And yeah, I like had a great connection with her before she retired.