Senior Issue: Summer Lorincz


Photo courtesy of Wesley Works.

Grayson Navarro, Deputy Features Editor

This previously ran in our 2022 June Senior Issue.

Closing off her senior year, Summer Lorincz stays hopeful and committed with an established future ahead of her.

Lorincz has been one of the top athletes at Emmaus High School, playing on the varsity volleyball team and competing in leagues and districts for track and field both her junior and senior years. After her school volleyball season ended, Lorincz continued to play for her club team, Surge Volleyball.

Lorincz will be attending Liberty University where she will major in psychology while aiming for a masters degree in occupational therapy. 

Stinger: How much do you think you’ve changed or grown since freshman year? 

Lorincz: Tremendously. I have a better understanding of who I am and who my friends are. To say I’ve changed since freshman year would be an understatement. 

Stinger: How has your involvement in sports impacted your career choices or influenced your decisions for the future? 

Lorincz: It’s given me a better understanding of psychology and how I like helping people. In sports, I was always the one to encourage and help people. That kinda led me to wanting to help people more. 

Stinger: Who has been your biggest role model throughout your high school life? 

Lorincz: Throughout my high school life, my biggest role models have been my mom and my older sister, because they have constantly drilled into my brain that high school is “be who you are” and that’s all you ever have to do. If people don’t like how you are, then that’s on them. 

Stinger: Is there a specific teacher that you really look up to in this school? 

Lorincz: I really like Ms. Svencer; she was my AP Bio teacher. I have a big heart for her. [Also] Mr. Carolla was my American Studies teacher freshman year and he has always been super sweet to me. [He] always asked me how I was doing and [about] my college plans; he kept up to date with how I was. 

Stinger: What kept you motivated throughout your senior year, especially with the new block scheduling and the online classes last year? 

Lorincz: What kept me motivated was something my mom always says to me and it’s, “Don’t take anything for granted because life’s so short.” Everything I do, I live in the moment – I try to live in the moment – and not really focus on “oh this isn’t really going well,” but I think about the positive in the bad. 

Stinger: What advice would you give to the rising seniors and the underclassmen? 

Lorincz: Enjoy every second of it because you are only a senior at Emmaus once and it’s a lot of fun; you are going to miss out on a lot of things if you are not focusing on the good and just be who you are. Don’t change for anyone.