Senior Issue: Delvis Martinez


Wesley Works

Carina McCallum, Opinion Editor

This previously ran in our 2022 June Senior Issue.

Delvis Martinez has spent his high school career striving to be hardworking and kind. In doing so, he forged strong friendships and experiences that will stick with him long after his time at EHS. 

Martinez plans to attend the bridge program at Coastal Carolina University as a business and marketing major, remaining optimistic for his future. 

Stinger: What activities or clubs are you involved in? 

Martinez: I’m involved in Fermata [Nowhere] and Chorale. 

Stinger: How would you describe your high school experience? 

Martinez: My high school experience was something to remember. Although there was a couple of bumps in the road, it was worth it. 

Stinger: What advice do you have for incoming freshmen? 

Martinez: Be yourself! It’s easy to lose yourself in high school, and being yourself will always bring the right people to you. 

Stinger: What is your favorite memory from your time at EHS? 

Martinez: One of my favorite memories was in freshman year when my two brothers were seniors. I saw them on the dance floor at homecoming and everyone made a circle around us and we [all] danced. 

Stinger: Is there anything you wish you had done differently? 

Martinez: Honestly, no. My high school career was fun and challenging. 

Stinger: What are you most looking forward to post-graduation? 

Martinez: Being able to sleep more. 

Stinger: Did you have a mentor throughout high school? 

Martinez: If I had to choose though, I would choose Heather Day. She will always keep it real. 

Stinger: How do you feel you have impacted the school? 

Martinez: I showed that you can be an openly gay, Afro-Latino, and yes there are struggles that came along with this, but it’s worth being able to show my truth.