Senior Issue: Sophia Candy


Joey Draper, Staff Writer

This previously ran in our 2022 June Senior Issue.

Sophia Candy has played a key role on the Emmaus girls lacrosse team and girls soccer team throughout her high school career. 

Candy, who played as an attacker for her entire soccer career, was always able to get in behind the defense and cause problems for opposing back lines. On the lacrosse field, she brings the same intensity and pace that helps her score and trouble the defenders. 

As Candy readies herself for the next chapter of her life, she reflects on her time at Emmaus and looks forward to attending the University of Delaware. 

Stinger: What advice would you give underclassmen at Emmaus who are nearing their senior years? 

Candy: Enjoy your time here because it goes fast. When I was a freshman, I took it for granted. Then COVID happened, and now I’m graduating. So take advantage of everything and don’t take this time for granted because it does go quickly. 

Stinger: What college are you going to attend, and what will your major be? 

Candy: I will be attending the University of Delaware and currently have an undecided major. 

Stinger: Will you continue your athletic career in college? 

Candy: I will do intramural soccer or lacrosse, or try to make the dance team at Delaware. 

Stinger: What excites you most about starting college? 

Candy: Meeting new people and starting the next journey of my life. 

Stinger: What is something you are proud of from your high school career, either on or off of the field? 

Candy: Maintaining good grades throughout all four years of high school, and being able to play for both the soccer and lacrosse teams. 

Stinger: How has Emmaus prepared you for college and your future? 

Candy: The classes I’ve taken have prepared me for college level courses. They also have taught me how to deal with the workload. Also, I have met a big group of people that I probably wouldn’t have met somewhere else.