Senior Issue: Ben Lees


Photo courtesy of Wesley Works.

Huy Huynh, Multimedia Editor

This previously ran in our 2022 June Senior Issue.

A formidable opponent on the chess board, a former wrestler, and a prominent figure in cross country and track and field scene, Ben Lees has had a high school experience to remember. 

As his journey at the high school nears its end, Lees is excited to start the next chapter of his life, meeting new people and having new experiences. Apart from being a multi-sport athlete, Lees is also the president of Gratitude Club and a member of Astronomy Club, Reading Olympics, winter track, and the newly formed Chess Club and Chess Team.

Although his time at the high school has been life changing, Lees is excited to spend his next chapter at Loyola University where he will be majoring in accounting. 

Stinger: What has been your favorite high school memory? 

Lees: I’ll go with senior night for cross country. That was a good day to be recognized for what I’ve done for cross country and see everyone else and it was a bit of a send off… [it] was like a good kind of concluding moment for my cross country career. It was a good way to wrap up like that chapter of my high school career to be able to move on… 

Stinger: What will you miss most about high school?

 Lees: Some of my friends, cross country and track. I think I am ready to leave the high school and move on to new stuff 

Stinger: What are you most excited about for college? 

Lees: I’m excited about meeting new people in the area. I think it’s a good way to branch out and get ready to be in the real world. 

Stinger: Why did you join Chess Club?

Lees: I’ve been playing chess since fifth grade and I honestly thought we had a chess team or chess club until this year when people made it and I was disappointed to know that it was my senior year but I wanted to try and play as much as I could with some of the guys and see if I could help them all for next year. 

Stinger: What was your favorite part of Chess Club? 

Lees: Getting to play with all the people with all the people you know, it’s always fun. I love getting to play tons of people. My mom and the rest of my family won’t play with me anymore. So yeah, it’s great to get to see tons of new people and get to play them. 

Stinger: What do you want to be remembered for? 

Lees: Hopefully having a positive impact on people that I’ve met, whether that be clubs, athletics, or just having been in class. I hope that people remember that I did care about them, and I did my best to help everyone and I hope I just made everyone’s life a little better.