Senior Issue: Abby Hark


Wesley Works

Caroline Schaffer, Former Deputy Features Editor

This previously ran in our 2022 June Senior Issue.

During her four years at Emmaus, Abby Hark has immersed herself in a variety of clubs that have grown her as a person over her high school years. 

As a student-athlete, Hark has been a swimmer on the Emmaus swim team all four years and was on Emmaus High School’s softball in ninth and tenth grade. In addition to sports, she has been a member of Habitat for Humanity since ninth grade, National Honor Society, Freshman Mentor in 10th grade, Hornet Ambassador in 10th through 12th grade, Key Club all four years, and Key Club president senior year. 

After graduating, she plans to attend Hobart and William Smith Colleges to continue her academics as an architect and education major and athletic career in swimming. 

Stinger: How did you get involved in the clubs and activities? 

Hark: I joined Key Club and Habitat for Humanity freshman year because I was interested in the community service aspect of them. I have played sports since I was little so I was excited to be able to continue playing softball and swimming at the high school level. I also chose them because I wanted to be able to interact with my peers and meet underclassmen and upperclassmen. 

Stinger: How have you changed since freshman year? 

Hark: I have become more confident [and] I have met many different people that have helped me grow and broaden my perspectives. For example, I started out as a Key Club member who looked up to the upperclassmen officers and now in my senior year, I am the president and am able to gain more leadership experience and roles. 

Stinger: How has being a student athlete in high school affected your high school career?

Hark: It has helped me in so many ways as it has given me many mentors, friendships, and experiences that help me grow as a person. It has also allowed me to be a leader and learn how to work with many different types of people. 

Stinger: What is your favorite memory from the high school swim team? 

Hark: My favorite swim team memories were the team breakfast and Bucknell trips each year. 

Stinger: Can you elaborate on being a part of Key Club and being the president this year?

Hark: I have loved being a member of Key Club over my four years at Emmaus because I have been able to serve my community while getting to work with so many caring people in the process. I am especially grateful for the opportunity to have been president of the club this year. I worked with the other officers and community leaders to coordinate events and communicated with our members at meetings and events. 

Stinger: What will you miss most about EHS? 

Hark: I will miss the community of friends, teachers, and classmates I have here. I will also miss the opportunities I have had to be a part of clubs and sports I enjoy. 

Stinger: What are you most excited for about college? 

Hark: I am excited to be able to study something I am interested in as well as being a part of a community that is invested in helping students achieve their goals academically and athletically. 

Stinger: Advice to current high school students? 

Hark: My advice is to find clubs and activities you enjoy and get involved in them, because you will meet people who have similar interests and goals. I would also say don’t be afraid to take challenging classes because you will learn the most about yourself when you have to work hard.