Dr. Fowlin speaks on school culture


Photo by Alice Adams.

Ogonna Nnodimele, News Editor

This previously ran in our September 2022 print issue.

Earlier this month, Dr. Michael “Mykee” Fowlin spoke to students, specifically sophomores and juniors, at two assemblies in the auditorium hosted by the No Place for Hate club.

During his presentation “You Don’t Know Me Until You Know Me,” Dr. Fowlin addressed important social issues surrounding schools, including polarization, discrimination, and inequality among students. Using various impersonations and anecdotes from his own life, he brought unique viewpoints to make audiences question the fairness and inclusivity of their learning environment. Dr. Fowlin based most of his speech on Langston Hughes’ poem “Still Here,” explaining the importance of persevering through the challenges of changing social climates while remaining true to oneself. He provided notable insight into the lives of EHS students with eccentric storytelling, connecting with his audiences through struggles that many can relate to.