New “It Girl” Alix Earle appeals to youth


Photo courtesy of Alix Earle.

Kate Lyons and Gianna McComber

This previously ran in our February 2023 print issue.

The new “It Girl” of 2023 is Alix Earle. TikTok has a powerful way of creating the next rising star, and Earl, who quickly rose to TikTok stardom, is no exception. These “It Girls” are given the title due to their influence on fashion, makeup, diet, and lifestyle — they are the new trend everyone seeks to follow.

 The 22-year-old senior at the University of Miami hopped on the trend of “get ready with me” (GRWM) Tiktok videos, where influencers take their viewers on a journey that follows them getting ready before going to frat parties, classes, vacations, brand trips, etc. Currently, Earle has 4.1 million followers on TikTok and 1.8 million on Instagram, with numbers increasing daily. 

The appeal of her lavish lifestyle videos to impressionable young girls are evident; anyone can feel like they have her money and her prestige. 

Earle gives a relatable spin to GRWMs, and delivers the feeling of being one of her friends. The makeup products Earle uses in her GRWMs for her routine have begun to sell out, as many want to achieve her chique makeup look. 

Sophomore Emma Naccarato is a proud watcher of Earle. 

“I am influenced by her,” Naccarato said. “I have some of the makeup she uses and all of my friends do too. I think she will stay relevant for a while because she has been given that title of ‘It Girl.’ So many want to achieve her look cause she’s just gorgeous.”

An “It Girl” is known for showing their perfect “wannabe lifestyle,” but what makes Earle unique is that she is not afraid to talk about her flaws. She is extremely open with her acne, and is sending the message to many girls that it is normal to have insecurities, and to be comfortable sharing them. Earle not only talks about physical insecurities but also the importance of mental health. 

Sophomore Sydney Stuckey shares her positive thoughts on Earle.

“I love Alix Earle,” Stuckey said. “She’s so comforting with her acne and her journey through it. I feel like she’s so easy to talk to and is clearly connected to her fans, which means a lot to teen girls.”

Not only does Earle openly talk about her struggles, but throughout many of her GRWMs she shares advice to her followers. People look to her to see her trendy outfits or the places she visits. There is a comfort within the conversations she has with her viewers. She involves her fans in her life and is very transparent with them. Since her content appeals to many girls, she has become almost an online big sister.  

Sophomore Kirra Everett appreciates this part of her content,

 “I think what makes her so relatable is how real she is and how she isn’t scared to be honest with her fans,” Everett said.

Earle has experienced an immense amounts of growth across many platforms and her ability to travel is another thing many students in the school aspire to have. 

Sophomore Eva Hinkle applauds Earle’s ability to make the most of her life catching opportunities no matter how far they are.

 “I like that she can do everything. Like one day she’ll be in Dubai and the next at her sorority house. I just feel like she can do it all and stays real, having the most fun, it’s really inspiring,” Hinkle said.