Keeping Up With The Seniors: Bodenstein manages workload after taking LCTI courses


Photo by Grayson Navarro.

Grayson Navarro, Deputy Features Editor

This previously ran in our February 2023 print issue.

After the stress of midterms finally subsided, and the remainder of the 2022-23 school year left to go, senior Anthony Bodenstein is happy to be able to take a lighter course load while balancing after school activities as well. 

“[This school year has been] so fun and such a breeze,” Bodenstein said. “Only needing to take a couple of actual difficult classes [is] much better than taking all hard classes like previous years.”

Bodenstein finds the workload this year much more manageable than years past and has not faced too many troubles in the coursework. 

“[The work is] minuscule compared to other years, so it hasn’t been that much of an issue,” Bodenstein said. 

Being an active member in Emmaus High School’s choral and Esports program, Bodenstein is thrilled to participate in several after-school activities. 

“I’m most excited for [events] like the spring concert, Esports tournaments, singing at the Phantoms [game], and Broadway Night,” Bodenstein said. 

A major part of Bodenstein’s high school career has been his involvement in LCTI’s computer networking program. Bodenstein first entered the program during his junior year and has enjoyed every moment of it. 

“LCTI has been more than great,” Bodenstein said. “I’ve [made] so many friends and had such great times.”

Bodenstein says that the biggest advantage to taking LCTI has been the on-the-job experience he gets to participate in, which is not offered at EHS’ campus.

“The program has definitely helped me with my career,” Bodenstein said. “We do a lot of situational scenarios and hands-on work instead of just the normal boring online work or papers.”

Bodenstein finds that as long as he completes the work on time, he has nothing to worry about and the lighter workload has also made it very possible to turn assignments in on time. 

“[I make] sure to get all work done on time,” Bodenstein said. “With LCTI, you actually take a lot less classes and since I’m a senior, I take less classes naturally anyways.”

With a hopeful career in computer networking, Bodenstein does not regret his choice in taking LCTI and is excited to finish his senior year with the knowledge and experience he has learned from the program. 

“[Taking] LCTI this year was a great decision,” Bodenstein said. “Last year was good, but this year was even better; it’s prepared me for college-level classes better than before.”