Nothstein pleads guilty: Emmaus removes display


The display case that previously showcased Nothstein’s memorabilia. Photo by Liza Duerholz.

Devon Helmer, Managing Editor

The case of a Lehigh County Olympic Cyclist – also known for his political ambitions – and his memorabilia display at his alma mater, Emmaus High School, have moved on: Marty Nothstein has pleaded guilty and his display has been removed.

An Emmaus graduate, Nothstein, 52, pleaded guilty to a third-degree misdemeanor and one count of defiant trespass on Feb. 15. Nothstein was sentenced to 12 months of probation with two strict provisions: he is to continue mental health counseling, and under no condition is he to have contact with the victims of his crimes, a former romantic partner and her then-boyfriend. 

Around the same time, the framed photo of Nothstein kissing his Olympic cycling gold medal and his bike jersey, both of which prominently sat in EHS’s Sports Center throughout his trial, were moved into storage.

The testament to the former athlete remained despite his arrest on Dec. 7, 2021. 

EHS Athletic Director, Rebecca George, commented on Nothstein’s ultimate removal from the long-term project that is the alumni display, accrediting it to the outcome of his trial. 

“If we’re going to recognize individuals in that capacity, you want them to meet the ideals and the standards of the East Penn School District,” George said. “And if they don’t, then you know, [removal’s] the outcome.” 

The Athletic Department currently has yet to make future plans for the items formerly kept on display. George had no comment on their whereabouts.