Mending the soul with crafts


Canva by Emma Dela Cruz.

Marina Lamb, Opinion Contributor

This previously ran in our April 2023 print issue. 

 I’ve always felt like if I wasn’t into some kind of craft, there was something missing: crochet, sewing, paper mache, glass painting, or even making myself jewelry. 

The list of crafts I love to try are endless. Luckily, if you’ve never gotten into crafts, it’s never too late to pick up the hobby. I always love showing my best friends how to make what I did, and I love to give friends the little presents I made for them. 

When I get into a project and get into the groove of the stitches, the process can become quite therapeutic. Listening to music and working on a crochet project is how I like to end my nights and how I minimize screen time.

When I pick up different crafts, it takes me a while to learn not only how to make something that looks nice, but I have to learn a whole new system. 

From different stitches and knots to learning the right pressure to hold the paint pen, or the right tension to hold the yarn in your hands is all a part of learning a craft. 

Many times I have caught myself scrolling through Pinterest looking at all the different projects and going, “Oh, that looks like a piece of cake,” only to start and get immediately frustrated. 

Trust me, I’ve been there, and you can definitely learn that stitch or whatever it is you’re trying to learn. The beginning may frustrate you but I have realized that with time, the frustration is only temporary while you are still learning. 

Crafting is something I have always felt was a part of me in almost every stage of my life. From the moment my mom introduced sewing and drawing to me, I always reached for something to do with my hands. She was a beautiful artist and made many quilts that awoke the little artist in me. I think creating an artistic space for children at a young age will encourage creativity and confidence as they grow in life. 

During some of the most stressful times in my life, something that was going to occupy my mind and hands was a great distraction and stress reliever.

Crafting has been proven to relieve stress and boost mental agility. From hand-eye coordination to lowering blood pressure, crafting has been proven to improve wellness and promote relaxation and distractions from stressors and worries.

Starting with something you believe is accomplishable like painting, crocheting, or even paper crafts, you can learn how to make art that is beautiful to you, and at the same time, maybe aid your inner child…

Even perhaps if you live with a disorder or suffer from stress, crafting is considered to be a natural antidepressant. Studies have shown that those who are suffering from the items listed above mentioned a reduction in pains while participating in something crafty. 

Everyone has dealt with their fair share of anxiety and depression. Having a painting finished at the end of the week gives me a sense of accomplishment which is all you may need sometimes.

It is worth the try, you may find yourself and realize you are more creative than you believe you are. There is most definitely something for everyone, you just have to find your groove.

One final message I want to leave you with is: don’t ever stop believing in yourself. 

Although you may struggle to get the hang of some crafts, anyone who is skilled in a craft has also failed many times. 

Many trials and failures exist before the perfect finished version. So be patient with yourself and try to pick up a craft!