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EPSD launches new girls wrestling program

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This story previously ran in our October 2023  print issue.

East Penn School District embraces the sport of girls wrestling at the middle and high school level this winter. In hopes of empowering girls and bringing a long awaited sports team to Emmaus. The season opens on Nov. 17 with a schedule to be released at a later date.

As the anticipation rises for the girls getting started, Athletic Director Rebecca George speaks on the new girls wrestling program. George’s ideas for the program stemmed from the popularity of wrestling in the Lehigh Valley.

“For the past two or three years, girls wrestling across the country has really taken off. It’s actually one of the fastest growing high school sports right now,”  George said. “So with that, and with how rich we are in the wrestling community in the Lehigh Valley. We knew it was just a matter of time, and there were a couple individuals, and that’s all we needed to run with it and open it up as a club to start. And follow all the PIAA rules and see where we can take it.”

George knows wrestling in the Lehigh Valley to be popular and a high caliber product. She mentions many other schools are beginning a girls wrestling team that are also in the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference (EPC). According to George, the schools competing in girls wrestling this year are Liberty, Freedom, Easton, Parkland, Nazareth, Northampton, Pocono Mountain East, and Pocono Mountain West. There should be eight teams in the league this year, and there are hopes of more in the future. Many of the athletes are excited to try something new and are excited for their first season.

An Emmaus student junior, Sarah Luisi, is joining the team. Luisi wanted to try something new. She signed up for the team for a few reasons.

“I needed something to look forward to instead of just always my boring school work,” Luisi said.

Luisi believes this program will have a huge impact at the high school this year.

“I think this program will make a huge difference,” Luisi said. “I have always had a slight interest in wrestling but never wanted to try it out because I didn’t want to be wrestling boys that were 10 times stronger than me. I feel that a lot of other girls were in the same exact boat as me.”

This is a huge step for Luisi and many other girls. Wrestling with other female athletes who also are interested in something different has enlivened the community. Although it may seem nerve racking to many people, Luisi feels comfortable after seeing all of the other girls who would also like to join. This new team is welcoming and ready to begin this winter.

“I am not really nervous because at the meeting on Tuesday night in early October, there were plenty of other girls that also have no experience in wrestling. If anything, I’m actually really excited,” Luisi said.

An impressive athlete, junior boys wrestler Jesse Scott is also happy to hear a sport he values so much is expanding. The expansion of wrestling continues to grow in the East Penn School District.

“I am super happy about the girls wrestling team. I love to see the sport growing. Scott said.

“It has taught me a lot of life lessons, and I love to see the sport expanding and growing as a whole. I am super excited about the girls wrestling program.”

Since Scott has began to walk, he has been wrestling. Given his experience, he provides some advice for new wrestlers.

“For new wrestlers, I would say it’s super important to stay consistent.” Scott said. “It is a hard sport, and there are going to be times when you want to give up, but trust me it is worth pushing through it. Learning to wrestle can be a long and slow process, and at times it may feel like you are not painting any progress. However, stick with it. It is worth it. This sport has been so much fun to me, and I have learned so much through it. Stay consistent. It will not come overnight.”

He explains this process of getting better does not happen quickly. Consistency and motivation are a necessary part of it. Scott is excited for this program and thinks it is an improvement for Emmaus High School.

This program is looking successful for the future and many people seem to be happy about it. Emmaus can only compete against a few teams in the area due to the amount of girls wrestling teams around the Lehigh Valley.

Although the Emmaus girls wrestling team is new, many people have high hopes for this program and want to see it grow.

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