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Controlled Chaos rocks Emmaus

Controlled Chaos set up to practice inside of the Schmidt family’s garage, surrounded by recording equipment on July 1, 2023. Left to right: Paul Schmidt, Chris Tucker, Hayden David, Vic Schmidt. Photo Courtesy of Hayden David.

This was previously published in our February 2024 issue.

Composed of four core members – freshman drummer Vic Schmidt, senior bassist Paul Schmidt, senior guitarist Chris Tucker, and senior lead singer Hayden David, rock band Controlled Chaos has consistently proven themselves as true staples of local talent. 

From large venues held at MusikFest 2022 to productive jam sessions in the Schmidts’ garage, Controlled Chaos has made waves with their music and their message. 

With their humble beginnings set almost four years ago at The Lesson Center, a private music lesson school in Trexlertown, childhood friends David and Paul Schmidt began taking music lessons alongside Paul’s brother, Vic. From there, they joined Tucker, who was coincidentally paired with the trio on their first day at the music school.  

The quartet established their sound through producing cover songs of bands like Rage Against the Machine, broadening their palette between multiple genres of music, such as indie, nu metal, and classic rock influences. 

“We like to gain inspiration from a ton of different bands and genres but I would mainly describe our music as rock,” David, lead vocalist and event coordinator, said.

What sets Controlled Chaos apart is their high-intensity stage presence and energetic crowds. Controlled Chaos’ heavy riffs, strong vocals, and fierce drumming forms mosh pits in an instant and spreads headbanging like wildfire. These overwhelming reactions hold a special place in David’s heart. 

“When a show goes great you feel that energy, that empowerment, that’s radiated off of the crowd’s cheers. As a frontman I get to witness and control that level of excitement,” David said.

David describes being on stage as energetic and invigorating, and his bandmates hold themselves with engaging confidence as they perform. To reach that level of self-assurance, David tells of his initial performance in front of a crowd at The Steel Pub in Bethlehem, labeling it as intimidating and nerve-wracking. 

 “After that first performance, it sparked this inclination to do better and to rock harder than before,” David said. 

Controlled Chaos has no shortage of motivation, as David believes his fellow bandmates are inspirations themselves. Elated in each individual’s strength and skills, he values their time together, telling that their shared bond is one of his favorite aspects of being in a band. 

Not only are his bandmates constant reminders of David’s to strive for improvement, but the overflowing support he has gained from fans has impacted him greatly. David expresses his heartfelt gratitude for the positive interest and encouragement from all who have followed their band’s journey. 

“We’re people who just one day felt like striving for more than the mundane. A task that every one of our fans and supporters do in their own way. We believe that all of you are extraordinary. Fit to be rock stars,” David says. 

As their four year anniversary approaches on March 14, the band has a lot in store. With the highly-anticipated rescheduling of the Theater Department’s Coffee House on Feb. 15 at Emmaus High School to possible summer performances in the works, Controlled Chaos also has original material soon to be released. David teases the original track’s name, Joyride, and states that with this release, a Linktree will be added to their Instagram, @totallycontrolledchaos, where fans will be able to listen to Controlled Chaos’s music on a variety of streaming platforms.

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