Saturday stacks up as National Pancake Day


Sholder digs into pancakes after practice

Abby Moore

Sept. 26 marks a very important day to all breakfast lovers, and that is National Pancake Day.

The East Penn Diner in Emmaus is a popular place to hang out for many Emmaus High School students. And the diner is also famous for its delicious, fluffy pancakes, which are ordered and loved by not only hungry teenagers but by people of all ages.

“We receive about 60 orders of pancakes a day,” said Odiseas Draklellis, a co-owner of the diner. “Our most popular order is the blueberry pancake.

“There is a close running between our French toast and our pancakes, but our pancakes are most definitely the popular choice to be ordered by everyone here at the diner,” said Draklellis.

Many come to the diner to relax and to enjoy a nice meal with their family, whether they enjoy pancakes or not.

“I personally am not the biggest fan of pancakes, I’m more of an egg guy,” said Draklellis. “But when I do eat pancakes, nothing is more delicious than the traditional pancake with just butter and syrup.”

The East Penn Diner would be a great choice to enjoy a delicious breakfast with your family on National Pancake Day. A short stack of pancakes–buttermilk, blueberry, chocolate chip or peanut butter chip–fetches $4.69. And remember, breakfast for dinner always is a great option.