Four fall features

Kendyll Grovatt

People in the East Penn School District often complain that there isn’t much to do here, especially when autumn rolls around.

Festivals, concerts, and warm weather seem to make summer more exciting, some people argue. They say fall does not have as much to offer, and that some activities are limited.

When Grim’s Orchard and Family Farms kicks off the season, apple picking becomes popular. The cornfield is plowed into a different maze shape every year, and maze-goers must answer questions to decide what path to take. The apple market sells products like cider, pies, desserts, and jellies. There’s also a pumpkin patch where you can pick your favorite pumpkin. Activities there include hayrides, a farm tour, and an apple cannon.

Sophomore Olivia Cronauer says, “I would choose Grim’s for a place to go in the fall because there is so much to do, like who wouldn’t want to shoot apples?”

If you prefer to stay in and relax, just turn on ABC Family. It is called 13 Nights of Halloween. This channel offers movies that get you in the feel of Halloween. The movies offered in 2015 are going to be quite scary. Curl up with a blanket sit back and watch movies like Hocus Pocus, Casper the Friendly Ghost, and Corpse Bride.

“During the fall I like to knit and watch the 13 Nights of Halloween,” sophomore Yeta Mbengue says. “If I run out of yarn, I resort to couponing.”

Hiking during this time of year is amazing because of the changing leaves and the cold, crisp air. South Mountain, Wildlands Conservancy, and Rodale Park are all good places for the hiking season. Picnic tables are set for when it might be a good time to stop walking, sit down, and snack while taking in the beautiful sight.

Sophomore Kelsey Schneider says, “Hiking in this weather is so nice, and it is a beautiful sight to see in the fall.”

To get more in the theme of Halloween you could go to costume stores. There’s a store called Spirit that only opens around this time of year. Spirit offers scary themed decorations, funny costumes, and costumes that could make a grown man scream. The fact that the store is not open for long it makes it a go to place.  

Fall may not have as much to do as summer, but it’s still a great season.