What’s the Dill with National Pickle Day?

Whats the Dill with National Pickle Day?

Rachel McQuiston

Have an extreme, and possibly unhealthy, obsession with pickles? Well, you’re not alone.

On Nov. 14, the unofficial holiday of National Pickle Day is celebrated by indulging in Dill, Gherkin, Polish, and many more of the various types of pickles all day long.

Junior Ryan Fritz, although previously unaware of this holiday, enjoys the tasty snack.

“I honestly think that pickles are so good, but they catch a lot of hate for whatever reason,” said Fritz. “I did not know National Pickle Day existed but I guess I’ll have to eat a pickle or two on that day.”

Junior Samantha Meyer acknowledges the delicious nature of pickles, but addresses her concerns with the national holiday.

“It seems out of place to have National Pickle Day in November,” said Meyer. “I mostly eat pickles in the summer so I feel like the holiday would receive more recognition in July.”

According to a Twitter-made poll, opinions on the food are nearly split. However, pickle-lovers prevail, with 58 percent of the 66 votes going in favor of the crunchy snack.

Pickles, a seemingly ordinary snack, are revealed to be a popular food among Americans, seeing as 5,200,000 pounds of pickles are consumed each year, according to Nationaldaycalendar.com.

Not only do pickles make a delicious snack in today’s world, but they also carry a popularity dating all the way back to 2030 B.C., when imported cucumbers were first preserved as pickles in the Tigris Valley. Pickles can also be credited with the responsibility of Cleopatra’s good looks, for it is said that she claimed to have maintained a strict diet of, well, mostly pickles. In addition to personal appearance, pickles were believed to establish physical and spiritual strength, which is why Julius Caesar insisted upon feeding his tribes this nutritious snack.

Whether you’re loving or loathing towards this classic snack, it’s undeniable that the pickle’s history makes it an important food in today’s society.

So on Nov. 14, you may as well treat yourself to a nice pickle… or five. Heck, National Pickle Day only comes by once a year (but we’ll continue to wallow in our pickles all year round).