New jewelry story opens in Emmaus


Emily Zimmerman

The House of Metalworks recently joined the group of independent businesses that are located in the Emmaus triangle.

The business sells a sustainable, recycled line of hand-forged jewelry. The customizable jewelry features many different kinds of symbols and options.

All the product is made in a workshop in the back of the store by Emmaus High School alumnus Jill Italiano. She decided on Emmaus as the place for her store because it is where she is from.

Italiano, originally a chef, slowly made her way into the jewelry industry.

“My first non-cooking job was for a jewelry company,” Italiano said. “I started selling their discontinued jewelry online and little by little I started messing around with it.”

Italiano has now been working with jewelry for 20 years, and this is her first brick and mortar shop.

“It’s been a dream that involved a lot of people,” Italiano said, in a small speech before the ribbon was cut. “I couldn’t of done it without everybody.”

The store is located on Main Street underneath Armetta’s Pizza and is a welcome addition to the area.

The House of Metalworks workshop
The House of Metalworks workshop. Photo by Emily Zimmerman
A display in the House of Metalworks showroom
A display in the House of Metalworks showroom.Photo by Emily Zimmerman