EHS drama departments presents “Hamlet”


Bibi Correa

To see or not to see the fall play, that is the question.

For most, a 42 minute class period discussing William Shakespeare is more than enough, so enduring three hours of “Hamlet” which contains complicated language and long, eloquent soliloquies may seem less than appealing.

But forget any past hatred towards Shakespeare because Emmaus High School’s Drama Department created an entirely different experience.

Director and drama department teacher Jill Kuebler decided to take a modern approach to the classic drama, closely emulating the 2009 film adaptation that featured David Tennant. Kuebler said she enjoys directing Hamlet because it combines beautiful language with complex characters and a strong plot.

She believes the play offers many opportunities for drama students because they “have the right pool of talent” to produce the intricate drama.

“Hamlet” explains the reality of internal struggle through the eyes of a young prince mourning the loss of his father.  In his search for vengeance, Prince Hamlet inevitably loses a part of himself as he slowly becomes mad.

The drama department will run three shows from Nov. 2-4 at 7 p.m. The show stars junior Sebastian Mora as Hamlet, seniors Ryan Peiffer as King Claudius and the Ghost, Julia Norelli as Queen Gertrude, Grace Flood as Ophelia, Jadel Contreras as Laertes, and sophomore Alena Slak as Horatio.

“Hamlet” is packed with modern costumes, eerie lighting, incredible acting, and even a trap remix of the classic “Careless Whisper” by George Michael.

Mora embodies his character through heart-felt emotion and passion. He didn’t want to convey the character as outwardly angry, rather as one that is “losing sight of who he really is.”

“Hamlet can’t make out what’s right or wrong because he doesn’t know,” Mora said.

Aside from individual performances, the chemistry from the entire cast produces truly outstanding production. Mora feels this chemistry and notices that it makes the performance better because nothing is forced. He noticed the overwhelming support for the entire production and “can’t ask for a better group.”