Humans of EHS: Amelia Nussbaum


Freshman Amelia Nussbaum express herself through makeup. Photo by Rylan Bassett.

Marielis Rosario

Freshman Amelia Nussbaum express herself through makeup. Photo by Rylan Bassett.

Someone once said, “Don’t let anyone tell you you’re too young to accomplish something,” a motto that freshman Amelia Nussbaum radiates with her creativity.

Nussbaum is already exploring the vast canvas of the human body, expressing her art through makeup. She began experimenting with makeup when she was in fifth grade and fell in love immediately.

“I enjoy doing makeup because I like the way that you can express yourself on your own body,” said Nussbaum. “People can look at it and be like ‘Wow, that looks really cool,’ and they can understand things from it, not just necessarily the ‘Oh I don’t think I look good today, I’m going to cover myself up.’”

Nussbaum wants to pursue a career in special effects makeup and one day hopes to launch her own makeup brand with her older sister, April Nussbaum, as a result of her overwhelming support.

“My sister really hyped me up and it was really nice of her to do that… she was a really big inspiration.” Nussbaum said. “Then my career choice for the future is to be a special effects makeup artist, so my mom was pushing me to practice that and so it just sort of  progressed.”

Not only has makeup been an outlet for Nussbaum to convey her creativity, but it has also helped her deal with her own struggles and insecurities. Nussbaum believes she can use makeup as an outlet to express creativity and self love.

“I struggle with like depression and anxiety and PTSD and all those things, and it’s challenging for me to cope with it,” Nussbaum said. “So I express myself through music and art and makeup. So I think that’s where my creativity comes from. When I’m feeling overwhelmed, I can just like release everything.”

As a young woman, Nussbaum encourages other young upcoming entrepreneurs to take charge of their businesses and “go for it.”

“Just do it,” Nussbaum said.“ Like there is really no shame in doing it. There are no issues with doing it.”

Nussbaum has become an inspiration to many young women who want to share their talents with the world, and she is still growing herself.