Emmaus Shave for the Brave raises over $100,000


Friends from Alburtis Elementary watch each other as they brave the shave together. Photo by Emma Brashear.

Rylan Bassett

For the 2021 Emmaus Shave for the Brave, the organizers will have to consider a larger event space than the school’s main gymnasium, seeing as the over 1,000 attendees spilled from the bleachers onto the floor around the room for the opening ceremony.
On March 8, the sixth Emmaus Shave for the Brave event raised a total of $106,703.95, as reported by event organizer and athletic trainer Elizabeth Del Ray.
In an email summing up the event’s success, she said,

The words “thank you” do not even scratch the surface to express how thankful I am for the contributions you all have made. Walking out of the gym that evening, someone stopped me and said, “Do you realize that what happened in this gym tonight funded months and months of research?” It was in that moment that I realized not only what that actually meant, but that an entire COMMUNITY accomplished that. The amount of businesses, donors, schools, school clubs, faculty, staff, students, coaches, and friends all rallied together as one big FAMILY and accomplished something that is just special. Something that hasn’t been done before.

A total of 251 shavees and volunteers helped reach the fundraising goal of $83,000. The online total is $99,323 donated through participants, which does not include the money raised from raffle tickets and the snack stand run by the Student Government Association or cash donations made during the event.