Emmaus claims 13 Freddy nominations for “Les Misérables: School Edition”


“Les Misérables: School Edition” cast watches Freddy nominations together. Photo by Emma Brashear.

Rylan Bassett

The cast and crew of the spring musical gathered in the Black Box May 9 to watch the live announcement of Freddy award nominations. Nominations granted to Emmaus include Outstanding Use of Scenery, Outstanding Performance by a Male Ensemble Member (Lorenzo Antigua as Enjolras), Outstanding Use of Lighting, Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role (Alena Slak as Cosette), Outstanding Performance By an Actor in a Supporting Role (Ryan Murphy as Marius), Outstanding Chorus, Outstanding Featured Performance by an Actor (Thomas Murgitroyde as Thernardiér and Trevor Warren as Javert), Outstanding Featured Performance by an Actress (Analise Edwards as Fantine), Outstanding Production Number (“One Day More”), Outstanding Stage Crew, Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role (Sebastian Mora as Jean Valjean), and Outstanding Overall Production of a Musical.

Download the official nomination list here2019 FREDDY Awards Nominees List

Freddy awards will be awarded on May 23 at the State Theatre Center for the Arts.