Now Huy Talkin’: Two-Hand Panini Sandwich


Photo by Huy Huynh.

Huy Huynh, Multimedia Editor

If I could relive eating the cafeteria’s cheesy buffalo chicken flatbread 100 times, I would. But life isn’t always fair. Still, that culinary experience made me realize that the high school’s Food Services has really upped its game despite food shortages in the pandemic. 

In fact, the alternate bar at Emmaus is on fire this year. And the proof is in the Italian panini pita bread sandwich. 

While the grilled sandwich (Just look at those grill marks!) is quite salty and the cheese isn’t as crunchy as one would like, the pita bread is really good with a soft, fluffy, chewy texture. The sandwich also offers a nice balance of the Italian deli meats and It’s what ultimately carries the sandwich. It is a two-handed meal, although it’s very greasy as well. 

Still, the salt level? The amount of salt that I’m consuming? It’s got as much as some old dude’s left toe. I took care of it with my usual fruit: grape juice. Despite the overwhelming amount of salt and grease, it was something I quite enjoyed. Very good. I give it a 7.5 out of 10.